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While the majority of my restaurants visits are in and about South Florida, there’s nothing like a good road trip with friends. I’ve visited Memphis a couple of times and recently have fallen in love with the Hot Chicken from Nashville.

Blue Plate Cafe – Memphis, Tennessee

Posted on Mar 11th, 2014

The Blue Plate Cafe was less than a mile from the hotel we were staying at in Memphis. The night before eating here we had driven up and down the…

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Burger Barn – Jackson, Tennessee

Posted on Aug 6th, 2015

My wife Marcela and I, while searching out Antique Shops in the Jackson, Tennessee for my collection ran across the Burger Barn. When you see a sign…

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Burger Beast on the Road – March 2016

Posted on Mar 28th, 2016

I spent the better part of the last two weeks on a road trip with my friends the Miami Meat Machine (DaChew, DJ Cow Money & Gerther) driving…

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Burger Beast On The Road Part 2 – March 2016

Posted on Apr 11th, 2016

The part 2 to my 2016 Road Trip with Miami Meat Machine guys (DaChew, DJ Cow Money & Gerther) has us staying 5 days in Columbus and then making…

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Champy’s – Chattanooga, Tennessee

Posted on Sep 21st, 2017

We were driving through Chattanooga (mostly to visit Moonpie's HQ) when Champy's popped up. The rustic shack look of the restaurant had me in the…

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Cori’s DogHouse – Nashville, Tennessee

Posted on May 28th, 2015

When I'm on vacation, it's a constant search for somewhere to stop and eat. Sometimes the type of food gets me, sometimes it's the logo or word of…

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Dyer’s Burgers – Memphis, Tennessee

Posted on Mar 12th, 2014

It hadn't even been a couple of hours since our breakfast at Blue Plate Cafe. After a stop at Sun Studios we drove around the famous but deserted at…

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Fox’s Donut Den – Nashville, Tennessee

Posted on Jun 1st, 2015

Just a hop skip and a jump from the hotel we were staying at was Fox's Donut Den. After having recently learned the term "Kolach" I was excited to…

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Gibson’s Donuts – Memphis, Tennessee

Posted on Mar 18th, 2014

I didn't walk into Gibson's Donuts with the correct plan of attack. Normally, I'd take a seat and sample of couple of donuts with a cup of joe by my…

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Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken – Memphis, Tennessee

Posted on Mar 11th, 2014

When I mentioned on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) that I was hitting up Memphis for food, one particular restaurant and their…

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Hattie B’s Hot Chicken – Nashville, Tennessee

Posted on May 30th, 2015

If you don't know of the "Hot Chicken" revolution then you're missing out on one of the South's greatest treasures. In Nashville, Hot Chicken (Spiced…

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Husk – Nashville, Tennessee by ThankfulMonster

Posted on Aug 23rd, 2016

Recently, on the persistent recommendation from my good friend Burger Beast, I spent a weekend in Nashville. Because he knows me well enough to…

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Roxie’s Grocery – Memphis, Tennessee

Posted on Aug 3rd, 2015

An important thing to do when visiting towns is connect with the folks who know their cities really well. I'm not really interested in eating at…

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