The last Royal Castle, owned by James Brimberry

The Last Royal Castle Restaurant in Miami, Florida

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It’s unbelievable to think that the Royal Castle Hamburgers chain at its peak (in the late 1960s) had well over 150 locations throughout Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Ohio.

Approximately 40 or so of which were in Miami-Dade, Broward & Monroe counties.

Now, all these years later, there is only one Royal Castle left at 2700 NW 79th Avenue.

The building and establishment are both landmarks in Miami.

Jim Brimberry and his wife had owned this last Royal Castle since the late 1970s, and their grandson James purchased it from them in early 2019.

He now continues the legacy that William Singer started when he opened the very first Royal Castle in the Little River area of Miami back in 1938 [Royal Castle History].

Yes, the sliders are still excellent at Royal Castle and a must-order item but don’t sleep on the larger Feast Burger, which is great too.

Make sure to wash everything down with a fountain Birch Beer.

Don’t forget to read the great story about Royal Castle by Carlos Frias in the Miami Herald.

Royal Castle Menu Board
Royal Castle Menu Board
Royal Castle Counter
The counter
Please follow directions
Royal Castle Menu
Royal Castle Menu
Royal Castle Hamburgers
Jim & Josephine Brimberry with their Burger Beast Burgie Award for Best Late Night Eats
James Brimberry with a six-pack & Birch Beer

Go out, be old school, and support this Miami landmark.

Only One Left:

Royal CastleOPEN 24 HOURS
2700 NW 79th Street
Miami, Florida

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  1. There were plenty of Royal Castle restaurants in Northeast Ohio but all were gone by the late ’70’s. The local concessionaire used to sell Royal Castle burgers and the heavenly ‘Birch Beer’ from a tavern he owned on Cleveland’s West Side known as the City grill up until a few years ago.
    Will need to make a stop there next time I visit MIA.

  2. We had a Royal Castle in my home town 55 years ago. They had the BEST fricking honey buns. Like Krispy Kreame but better, in a 1963 kind of way.

    Jack: Who put the frick in french fries?
    Customer: There ain’t no frick in french fries.
    Jack: That’s right butt breath there ain’t no fricking french fries. Oh, and have a nice day

  3. We used to have royal castle parties. I loved the open sir sites and the birch beer was to die for. Can’t beat a twenty-five vent burger or the aroma of grilled onions.

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