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Who Remembers Rudy’s Sirloin SteakBurgers?

Rudy’s Sirloin SteakBurgers was a chain of Burger joints in South Florida from 1984 to 1991 (the last year, I remember seeing one open).

Douglas Rudolph was the man who brought Wendy’s to Miami-Dade County in November of 1977.

He later sold off those 22 Wendy’s South Florida locations in 1983 and founded Rudy’s in 1984.

Rudy’s was a hybrid of fast-food burgers like Wendy’s and the little more upscale Fuddruckers.

I can remember as a kid having a hard time making the tough decision between which I liked better. I preferred Rudy’s mostly because I love char-broiled burgers.

In June 1986, Rudy’s Sirloin SteakBurgers company went public.

Rudy's in the Miami News 6-25-87
The Miami News June 25th, 1987
Rudy's Menu Ad
Rudy’s Menu Ad from the Boca Raton News – March 10, 1988
Boca Raton News Rudy's
Ad from Boca Raton News August 3,1990

By January of 1991, Rudy’s, which was down to four locations at this point, was sold off.

According to the article below from the Boca Raton News, the plan was for an expansion of the Rudy’s Chain, which never materialized.

The last time I ate at Rudy’s before they shutdown was in mid-1991 with my parents & grandparents.

Rudy's Story in Boca Raton News
Story in Boca Raton News from January 29, 1991
Rudy's Water Bottle
The Rudy’s Water Bottle I own

Got any memories of Rudy’s Sirloin Steakburgers?

Leave them below; I’d love to hear them.


  1. Man o man did I LOVE THIS BURGER. I went to Lear school in NM and lived at the jockey club so this place was just down the street. Amazing juicy burgers. Loved the entire concept. Always ordered it with swiss cheese. The fries were also amazing. big fries. I must of eaten here a dozen times per month from opening till they closed. Last location i remember was the south Miami store which i believe they shared w some other food company. Any way we could get the recipe of the burger? Im sure you could pull this off. Anxiously awaiting your reply…. Vince

  2. I used to work for Rudy’s both in Pembroke Pines and then when I moved a little north to Sunrise and one day I showed up for work and the doors were all locked and we all lost our sad! my best friend of 33 years met her husband there and they are still married with 3 kids today. I still have the name tag and I think some napkins and such from Rudy’s good memories my first job ever!

  3. I never knew it was a chain. I always ate at the one in South Miami. There was a violent robbery and I assumed that was why the place closed

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