Who Remembers Rudy’s Sirloin SteakBurgers?

Rudy’s Sirloin SteakBurgers was a chain of Burger joints in South Florida from 1984 to 1991 (the last year, I remember seeing one open). Douglas Rudolph was the man who brought Wendy’s to Miami-Dade County in November of 1977.

He later sold off those 22 Wendy’s South Florida locations in 1983 and founded Rudy’s in 1984. Rudy’s was a hybrid of fast-food burgers like Wendy’s and the little more upscale Fuddruckers.

I can remember as a kid having a hard time making the tough decision between which I liked better. I preferred Rudy’s mostly because I love char-broiled burgers.

In June 1986, Rudy’s Sirloin SteakBurgers company went public.

Rudy's in the Miami News 6-25-87
The Miami News June 25th, 1987
Rudy's Menu Ad
Rudy’s Menu Ad from the Boca Raton News – March 10, 1988
Boca Raton News Rudy's
Ad from Boca Raton News August 3,1990

By January of 1991, Rudy’s, which was down to four locations, was sold off. According to the article below from the Boca Raton News, the plan was to expand the Rudy’s Chain, which never materialized.

The last time I ate at Rudy’s before they shut down was mid-1991 with my parents & grandparents.

Rudy's Story in Boca Raton News
Story in Boca Raton News from January 29, 1991
Rudy's Water Bottle
The Rudy’s Water Bottle I own

Got any memories of Rudy’s Sirloin Steakburgers?

Leave them below; I’d love to hear them.

One last important piece of info, Douglas Rudolph is now the CEO at Tap 42, and the burgers are excellent as expected.

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  1. My first job was at the S. Miami location, and I worked under Mr. Walker, who was the manager that was killed in the infamous after-closing robbery that occurred there. I believe that he wasn’t shot, but was locked in the storage freezer by the robbers. He was there alone because he let the other closer(s) go home. He was a kind and good man.

    The pay was more than any other sarting job at the time, at $4.50/hr. I had to work the drive-thru. I remember that we received a little discount on food items, but they let us make BLT’s at no charge. I always dug the double, open-faced mushroom swiss burger platter. As far as the recipe, I had to work the meat prep room one day (which had a gawking window that customers could watch you through) and all I remember was that there were two cuts of meat, sirloin and chuck, seasoning, and I think most-importantly, select cuts of fat that were put into the mix.

    • I worked at the original Rudy’s on Biscayne a little north of the 123st Causway across from the Publix… for about two years from 1985 – 1987 Paul Polini was the Mgr. and the son had just taken the reigns from the ” Rudy” that place was busy…. bout 4pm every evening that line would begin to wind out the door.. 6 oz burgers.. patties made in house cooked they way you liked..
      I remember once there was a mix up on the delivery date and myself and a couple of other workers had to hustle over to the publix and pick up..like a 150lb slab from their meat shop.. must have been a site to see 4 guys carrying this thing across Biscayne on a Fri Eve….. Fri and Sat nite the drive thru alone was ringing up 15K or more alone in sales… And all of the stars from Vice and the Miami Sound Machine band would come through on the reg. Edward James Olmos .. about 3 times a week. and they had just wrapped up filming Scarface.. and Pepe Lirma and Al Pacino came through.. Jimmy the Greek Snyder, Sugar Ray Leonard… Jimmy Johnson.. they all came for those burgers… Fun times..

  2. One of my earliest memories was going with my father to Rudy’s at their location off US1 near South Miami. After it closed down, it became a Miami Subs Grill, and now is a US Century Bank.

    I remember the black and white checkboard tile floor and the grill located in the back. My father passed away in May of 2022 and I find myself often reminiscing about these cherished moments.

    Thank you for writing this article and bringing back a fond childhood memory.

  3. I sent you a message earlier describing this place and asking if you remembered the name. Then, I started perusing your site and found this post. Rudy’s is definitely the place I was describing! I’m surprised I was so accurate with the details I remembered, but I couldn’t remember the name for the life of me. The burgers there were great!

  4. Hey, Von! I went to North Miami High and went to that Rudy’s all the time. Class of ’86. Don’t know if we crossed paths or not. I’m sure you remember Mr Hudak and his skateboard. Ironically, I think he was a vegetarian.

  5. I worked at Rudy’s North Miami location on Biscayne Blvd along with many of my friends at North Miami High. It was my first job, and was a cool place to work at first. I got the job summer of 87 and worked here part-time throughout 11th grade and a little bit into 12th grade. This place brings back so many memories, met my first real girlfriend here too, there must have been something in the food as a lot employees dated each other lol. I remember it became Miami Subs for a while now it’s a T-mobile store. I found the pink shirt and suspenders we had to wear at my moms house after she passed away. I couldn’t believe she still had it.

  6. I never knew it was a chain. I always ate at the one in South Miami. There was a violent robbery and I assumed that was why the place closed

  7. I used to work for Rudy’s both in Pembroke Pines and then when I moved a little north to Sunrise and one day I showed up for work and the doors were all locked and we all lost our jobs..so sad! my best friend of 33 years met her husband there and they are still married with 3 kids today. I still have the name tag and I think some napkins and such from Rudy’s good memories my first job ever!

  8. Man o man did I LOVE THIS BURGER. I went to Lear school in NM and lived at the jockey club so this place was just down the street. Amazing juicy burgers. Loved the entire concept. Always ordered it with swiss cheese. The fries were also amazing. big fries. I must of eaten here a dozen times per month from opening till they closed. Last location i remember was the south Miami store which i believe they shared w some other food company. Any way we could get the recipe of the burger? Im sure you could pull this off. Anxiously awaiting your reply…. Vince


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