Sebring Soda Shop in You Guessed it, Sebring!

The Sebring Soda & Ice Cream Works (201 Circle Park Drive) is located in downtown Sebring, Florida. It had been on my super unrealistic future road trips list for a couple of years now.

Marcela and I took US-27 up the middle of the state to get there. It’s the same route we used to hit up three drive-ins last year.

In addition to their wide selection of sodas, there is ice cream from Yoder’s old-fashioned ice cream in Sarasota, hot dogs, and a soft pretzel.

Due to a communication breakdown between Marcela and me, no ice cream, shakes, or sundaes were consumed. A chili dog and a salted soft pretzel were the perfect accompaniment to an ice-cold Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer.

The dog is covered with shredded cheddar cheese then a healthy amount of Skyline Chili. It comes cuddled in a soft Martin’s Potato long roll.

The salted soft pretzel could have probably used a little more salt but all was forgiven when we dipped it in spicy brown mustard. Yellow mustard and cheese sauce were also an option but we were looking for something with a little more bite.

We need to get back to Sebring soon for some of that Yoder’s ice cream and maybe, a Frostie Root Beer too!

One last note, the Sebring Soda & Ice Cream Works has been hosting the Sebring Soda Fest since 2018. Who better to do this? They do carry more than 200 different craft sodas after all.

Soft Pretzel from Sebring Soda Shop
Salted Soft Pretzel
Skyline Chili Dog from the Sebring Soda Shop
Skyline Chili Dog
Inside the Sebring Soda Shop
Inside the Sebring Soda Shop
Boylan's Creamy Red Birch Beer
Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer
Big Red, Frostie Vanilla Root Beer, NEHI Orange & RC Cola Glass Bottle
These fellas went home with me: Big Red, Frostie Vanilla Root Beer, NEHI Orange & RC Cola Glass Bottle Sodas

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    • I probably made it sound worse than it really was. Marcela was under the assumption that we were headed to another restaurant after the Sebring Soda shop, we were not. She didn’t have any ice cream thinking she would have dessert at the next stop.


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