Sip n’ Dip Donuts – St. Cloud, Florida

A couple of years, I came across Sip n’ Dip Donuts on the internet and mentioned it to my donut fiend friend Droolius. Since he lives relatively close to it, we agreed that neither of us would eat there until a time in which we would both be able to go together.

After pulling out of Mutt’s on 13th and cruising the means streets of St. Cloud, I ran into Sip n’ Dip Donuts (1001 13th Street). I know what I had promised, but these were extenuating circumstances.

It’s early afternoon, and the problem with donut shops at this time of the day is that these delicacies may have been sitting around since the morning, aka not so fresh. Regularly, I order a glazed and then an apple fritter to test out the waters.

In this case, I saw the beautiful and giant bear claw, so I went with that and the apple fritter. The claw dwarfed the Fritter, which usually is pretty big.

Glazed Donut
Glazed Donut

Just as I’m sitting down with these two behemoths, the owner comes up to me and hands me a freshly made glazed donut with the warning to let it cool off before placing it into my mouth.

After a reasonable cooling period of a couple of minutes, but what seemed like 30, I took a bite. GADZOOKS!

Damn, yeah, this is what I’m talking about, son.

One more bite, and I asked for a bag to take the rest with me, which my wife Marcela polished off later.

Bear Claw
Bear Claw

The bear claw was very good with its cinnamon apple innards. The apple fritter tasted would have been better in the morning.

Those are the breaks when you eat donuts in the afternoon, you lose some, and you eat some.

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