Get the Special Grilled or Dale Wings at Sports Grill

At the height of Man v Food’s popularity in 2010, the live episode had Sports Grill as one of the featured restaurants. That alone should tell you how vital Sports Grill has been to the Miami food scene.

Two things have made me frequent Sports Grill (10005 Sunset Drive, Miami) for more than 20 years. It has a laid-back vibe, plus the ice-cold beers with bar food that hits the spot don’t hurt. Then, there are the wings. They’re consistently one of the best in Miami-Dade County, if not the best.

Hell, they won my Burger Beast Burgie Awards for Best Wings in 2009 and 2015! My family is fond of the tuna melt, but I’ll stick to the Special Grilled and the Dale-style wings if I’m feeling a little frisky.

Former Godfather’s Pizza

The piece of property where it sits once housed the popular Godfather’s Pizza.

“You know, Godfather’s Pizza used to be there.”

Everyone trying to educate me & everyone about a widely known fact

Let’s put this Godfather’s Pizza comment to rest with the ad below; now everyone knows it.

Godfather's Pizza ad in the Miami Herald 8-20-81
Godfather’s Pizza ad in the Miami Herald 8-20-81

Original Sports Grill Post

June 24th, 2009 – If there’s one reason alone to eat at Sports Grill, it’s their wings. When I first got into eating chicken wings, Hooters was my main stop but once I tasted a Special Grilled Wing at Sports Grill I was hooked. Now, I appreciate each on its own merits. There was a period of time when I ate Special Grilled or no wings at all.

It had been a while since my last Special Grilled, so Marcela and I hit up the famed Sports Grill. For starters, we order the breaded garlic mushrooms and order of chili cheese fries. The garlic mushrooms are good but are definitely of the packaged variety. The chili cheese fries were good by bar standards. I like them because of the fries, not the chili. The cheese is the canned nacho cheese kind, to which I have a strange addiction.

Sports Grill Wing Talk

Ten of the Buffalo Style and 10 of the Special Grilled should be enough. We like the buffalo style, but the Special Grilled as phenomenal as I remember them. There’s also the Miami Heats, which I don’t suggest because they’re extremely hot. So you get an idea, scotch bonnets are part of the sauce.

I heard the trick for the Special Grilled is they’re fried, tossed in Buffalo Sauce, grilled, and then some Worcestershire is brushed on them. It works.

Marcela orders the tuna melt, which she swears by, as does my family. She is not given permission to kiss me for a minimum of six hours after eating this since I’m not too fond of tuna.

I had the Sports Burger with Bacon, Swiss Cheese, and some Mayo. It’s good. I’d call it a standard bar burger, and there’s nothing wrong with that tag. At least I don’t think so, although they might.

Sports Grill Food Pictures

Mozzarella Sticks
Mozzarella Sticks with marinara sauce
Cheese Fries
Fries with Cheese
Buffalo Shrimp
1000Buffalo Shrimp
Sports Grill Special Grilled Wings
Sports Grill Special Grilled Wings
Ball Park Dog
Ball Park Dog
Sports Grill Cheeseburger
Sports Grill Cheeseburger
Chicken Sandwich
San Diego Chicken Sandwich

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