KUSH by Stephen’s in Hialeah, Florida

My first full-fledged visit to KUSH by Stephen’s (1000 E 16th St, Hialeah) after the pandemic was this past Saturday.

The last time, Marcela and I picked up sandwiches (BLT for her, pastrami for me) and a few brewskis down the street from Unbranded Brewing. We ate in our cars while everything in the world was still getting sorted out.

BLT from KUSH by Stephen's in Hialeah, Florida
Pastrami Sandwich from KUSH by Stephen'sin Hialeah, Florida
Pastrami Sandwich

It had been a couple of years since the last time I stepped inside. Everything at the restaurant has been KUSHed up. There’s even a couch available as a “table.”

Entrance to KUSH by Stephen's in Hialeah, Florida
Welcome to KUSH by Stephen’s

While perusing the KUSH by Stephen’s menu, I notice the All Day Breakfast featuring a Lucy Lopez Challah French Toast. I’m offended that it isn’t $15; my girl Lucy is worth it.

Also, why is there a dish named after Don Francisco? That fella is a dick. I vote for a name change to Vincent D’Onofrio, aka Kingpin, a graduate of HML.

KUSH by Stephen's Hialeah Menu
KUSH by Stephen’s Hialeah Menu

Croqueta & KUSH Burger Talk

I ate the Goy-ish Croquetas and the Johnny Secada for my light lunch. The Secada is one of my regional burger favorites, a burger topped with pastrami.

Four croquetas come with each order, two reuben, and two pastrami. Each style comes with a dipping sauce. I don’t remember which went with which, but the pastrami croqueta with the horseradish sauce was the big winner.

KUSH by Stephen's Reuben & Pastrami Croquetas
Goy-ish Croquetas, Reuben & Pastram

KUSH restaurants and their sister store LoKal is known for their burgers. Last year they picked up a SoBe Burger Bash People’s Choice win during the AM edition of the festival.

I came into Stephen’s with the idea of eating a pastrami sandwich until Alexis (general manager) suggested the Johnny Secada burger. You know how it is, just another day of making burger decisions.

Pastrami Burger from KUSH by Stephen's Deli in Hialeah, Florida
Johnny Secada Pastrami Burger

In addition to the pastrami, Johnny comes with cheddar cheese, white onions, and LoKal sauce. I loved it; pero when no one was looking, I dipped a few bites into the horseradish.

That’s the play, my friends; always keep sauces around you. You never know when they could come in handy.

KUSH Hospitality purchases Stephen’s Deli

November 17th, 2017 – I was thinking about heading out to Hialeah to grab a Pastrami Sandwich at Stephen’s a few days back. So, I went online to check out the week’s special and came across this:

Stephen's Deli becoming Kush
Kush now owns Stephen’s Deli

I can’t say that I was surprised this was happening since I heard about it through the grapevine but didn’t know precisely when they would pull the trigger on it.

When I first met Matt Kuscher (Kush Hospitality), he had just opened LoKal in the Grove. I loved the food, and the idea of sourcing everything local, and I love him for being true to himself.

Since then, there’s been Kush, the Spillover, and Vicky’s House (a milkshake shop made to look like his mom’s 1980s living room).

Matt Kuscher is my favorite restauranteur in South Florida because the food is excellent, and there is a lot of thought behind his concepts. He is the ideal person to not only next-level Stephen’s but also keep just enough of its old-school charm.

Now, we wait, and I’m sure it will be worth it.

Original Stephen’s Deli Post on Burger Beast

September 11th, 2015 – If you’ve got a 9 to 5 and are off weekends, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to hit up Stephen’s Restaurant in the burgeoning Leah Arts District. They’re only open Monday through Friday from 11:30 AM till 3 PM. You should, however, consider taking an extended lunch or calling out sick to check it out.

Yes, it’s a Jewish Deli, and while there aren’t many of those around South Florida anymore, it has weathered the storm in the most unlikely places. Stephen’s restaurant isn’t a brand new spot, it isn’t even one that I’ve been eating at for years, but it is one that I think you should appreciate and support.

Stephen's Deli Flatware
Old flatware from your grandma’s house, check!
Stephen's Deli Pickles
Complimentary pickles, check!
Stephen's Deli Latkes
Potato Pancakes, check!
Stephen's Deli Pastrami Sandwich - Hialeah, Florida
Handcut Pastrami Sandwich, double-check!

Stephen’s has my Deli Favorites

My deli favorites are here, plus daily specials are on their website. Unfortunately, I can’t quite seem to eat here on a day that the meatloaf is on the menu, but I think the planets will align soon enough for that.

I asked Stephen’s owner Jack, to get their great burger and top it with some pastrami & provolone cheese for me. The creation was dazzling and worth eating, but it is filling, keep that in mind.

Stephen's Deli Hialeah Bar
Stephen’s Deli Hialeah Bar

Speaking of keeping in mind, I’ve had a delicious brownie at Stephen’s, yet it does not compare to the Hialeah Bar. So what is the Hialeah Bar?

It’s everything that it needs to be and more. If they’ve got some available, I’d suggest ordering one for dessert and another to go. It is that great.

If you are going to check out Stephen’s, I’d suggest hitting up Flamingo Plaza for its slew of thrift stores and making a day of it.

What about me? You don’t have to twist my arm to visit Stephen’s, Flamingo Plaza, and Hialeah. It’s part of the real Miami that tourists don’t get to see and appreciate & I love it.

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