Steve’s Pizza in North Miami, Florida

Before I even started the Burger Beast in 2008, many folks had nothing but high praise for Steve’s Pizza (12101 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami). However, Steve’s Pizza is a Miami comfort food landmark regardless of what the peanut gallery thinks.

So Marcela and I decided to drive up to Steve’s and see what this spot was all about.

My initial thought was that Steve’s would have fit in nicely with all the graffiti in the movie the Warriors. So it’s not a complaint since it adds character to the place.

Inside of Steve's Pizza in North Miami, Florida
Inside Steve’s Pizza

While Steve’s serves individual slices, I felt we should order a whole pie to ensure we weren’t getting some reheated pizza with fresh toppings. Marcela and I couldn’t agree so we ordered half cheese and half pepperoni-half ground beef.

Half a dozen garlic rolls and a meatball sub were also on deck.

Garlic Rolls from Steve's Pizza in North Miami, Florida
Garlic Rolls

Sef, Rolls Up!

Steve’s Pizza folk shout my name, so the rolls are ready. The rolls were on point and we housed those before the sub and pizza arrived.

Next up to bat was the meatball sub.

This is a the standard meatball sub you find at almost every neighborhood in America. But, of course, there’s nothing wrong with that since those are the best kind and exactly what I grew up eating.

Meatball Sub from Steve's Pizza in North Miami, Florida
Meatball Sub

It was supposed to be half pepperoni and half pepperoni-ground beef, but I messed up when ordering, so Marcela got no peps. I had no valid reason to stop her from stealing some from my side of the pie.

The pepperonis packed a pepperoni taste wallop, probably cause they use those delicious little roni cup peps. Steve’s also didn’t skimp out on the ground beef.

Of course, the sweet sauce isn’t for everyone, but it makes for some tasty pizza.

Full Pie from Steve's Pizza in North Miami, Florida
Full Pie

I would realize many visits later that the pro move is to get the individual slices at Steve’s pizza and not the entire pie.

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  1. The original Steve’s was in N. Miami Beach on 164th St and about 22nd Ave This was in the early 70’s and I was a steady customer. The Pizza back then was the best in town and when they moved to the present location they kept it up and are still the best in town IMHO. Yes I like the sweet sauce and the slices don’t sit to long so going in and getting a slice with any topping is just perfect. Just go and enjoy!


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