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Croqueta Palooza BEAST Box

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Croqueta Palooza is back for its 7th edition on Saturday, December 5th!

Unfortunately, it’s not the type of event we wanted, but until an actual indoor event can happen at regular capacity, this will have to do.

The Croqueta Palooza BEAST Box brings back winners and fan favorites for 2020.

You will show up at Magic City Casino on Saturday, December 5th, to pick up your box with freshly fried croquetas from 5 of Miami’s best croqueta makers, plus more snacks!

When ordering, you must choose your pick up time: 12-1 PM, 1-2 PM, or 2-3 PM

You never have to leave the comfort of your car.

We will check you in then bring your Croqueta Palooza BEAST Box to you.

Then, you’re off to your home or wherever you plan to enjoy all the goodies.

Only 100 Croqueta Palooza BEAST Boxes are available then we're SOLD OUT!

What’s included:

CAO Bakery (5 freshly fried croquetas)

Dos Croquetas (5 freshly fried croquetas)

Islas Canarias (5 freshly fried croquetas)

Masa Craft (5 freshly fried croquetas)

Sergio’s (5 freshly fried croquetas)

Breadman Bakery (5 Yuca & lechon pastelitos)

Empanada Harry's (5 croqueta empanadas)

Night Owl Cookies (5 special cookies)

Chifles Plantain Strips (12oz Bag)

3 cans of Jupiña and 3 cans of Materva

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