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King Of Racks BBQ Food Truck

Just a few weeks back I started following King of Racks BBQ’s whereabouts on Twitter. Once it seemed that they had settled into a semi-permanent schedule...

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The Magic Box Food Truck

Yesiree, you heard right, El Mago de las Fritas is the proud papa of a food trailer called the Magic Box. The plan right now is for the Magic Box to make...

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Box Of Chacos Food Truck

You know what’s really good? The Kimchi Burger at Box of Chacos. Last Monday night at Food Trucks at Arts Park I had what I’ll call a game changer...

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Los Chamos Food Truck

Los Chamos has been stalking the streets of South Florida for almost 2 and 1/2 years now serving up their Venezuelan comfort food favorites like Empanadas...

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Che Grill Food Truck

Does anyone smell that? It must be the unmistakable smell of Steak on the grill. Che Grill brings quick “Argentine Cuisine” to the Miami Food Truck...

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Mr. Good Stuff Food Truck

Mr. Good Stuff Food Truck is all about stuffing you. They have 5 signature arepas aka Lunas (Venezuelan white cornmeal arepas). The cornmeal is molded and...

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Luvin’ Grub Food Truck

After having made a five-hour drive to St. Augustine with one stop on the way up, I was starving. Little did I know that at 6PM on Sundays most restaurants in...

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