Terrazas At Hyde Burger in Hollywood, Florida

Broward & Palm Beach Burgers You MUST Eat

I’ve spent the last couple of years eating the best burgers in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Much like my Best Burgers in Miami list, I will update it as I see fit throughout the year.

The Pink Panther from Pink Burgers in Miami Beach, Florida

Pink Burgers in Miami Beach

Pink Love Donuts now has a Pink Burgers menu at the Miami Beach location.

So I made my way down there at 7 AM to avoid all the knuckleheads on the road.

SONIC in Hialeah Gardens, Florida

SONIC Drive-In History & Food Talk

If you lived in South Florida during the early 2000s, you remember being bombarded by SONIC Drive-In commercials on Comedy Central.

I was dying to try them.