Black Angus Superburger from Eat'n Park in Erie, Pennsylvania

Eat’n Park in Erie, Pennsylvania

Explore the story of Eat’n Park and the Big Boy burger Sandwich, the unique double deck burger that served as an inspiration for the Big Mac. Find out why I declined to be featured on The Food That Built America.

Cheeseburger from Tom Wahl's in Avon, New York

Tom Wahl’s in Avon, New York

Tom Wahl’s of Avon, New York, is another classic gem that opened in 1955.

Their signature burger is the Wahlburger, a 5oz chargrilled ground steak patty.

Halo Burger Triple Cheeseburger

Halo Burger in Flint, Michigan

Learn more about the iconic Halo Burger in Flint, Michigan, which began as the Kewpee Hotel Hamburgs chain in 1923, later renamed to Bill Thomas’ Halo Burger.