The Pink Panther from Pink Burgers in Miami Beach, Florida

Pink Burgers in Miami Beach

Pink Love Donuts now has a Pink Burgers menu at the Miami Beach location.

So I made my way down there at 7 AM to avoid all the knuckleheads on the road.

Pipo Burgers Restaurant in Doral, Florida

Pipo Burgers Restaurant & Food Truck

El Pipo Ramirez of the Mermelada Bunch fame has slowly built a following in Doral with his Pipo Burgers food truck.

Now, there’s a restaurant too!

Bacon King at Burger King #17 in North Miami, Florida

Eating Burgers for Breakfast at Burger King

If you’re on their app, Burger King has a “Burgers for Breakfast” category.

I enjoy having the option of a Double Cheeseburger with tots in the morning, even though it won’t be a regular thing for me. Sandwicheria in Hialeah, Florida

El Patio Live by Pan.Com Restaurant

If you’re into Cuban comfort food, El Patio Live by Pan.Com Restaurant elevates many of the dishes we know and love; make sure to eat the Platanitos en Tentacion!

Pan con Bistec from Are U Hungry? Grill Food Truck

Are You Hungry? Grill Restaurant in Miami

In 2018, Are You Hungry? Grill started doing popups selling their food all over Miami.

Since then, they’ve opened a food truck and, more recently, a restaurant.

Slider King in Miami, Florida

SLIDER KING is Here At Last!

In 2012, Slider King popped up on my Twitter radar, but never launched.

Imagine my surprise when I got a follow from Slider King on Instagram last week.