Night Owl Cookies in Westchester

Night Owl Cookies in North Miami, Westchester & Wynwood

Before Night Owl Cookies‘ current tagline of “Hella Fresh,” they had a cheezy tagline like, They’re a Hoot! I might be remembering it slightly wrong, but I’m positive that I’m close. Since their launch out of Andrew’s (founder of the cookie empire) home in 2013, Night Owl has exploded in popularity. In addition to their original location in Westchester, there are two more outposts in North Miami and the recently opened shop in Wynwood. At my 2015 Burgie Awards, Night Owl Cookies would win Best Dessert when the company was barely a year and a half old. I always remember how much that fan-voted award meant to Andrew that night. The accolades they’ve received over the years are too many to post about, but nothing in comparison to how great these cookies are right out of the oven. I know you might be tempted to get them delivered, but at …

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