Chicken Sandwiches

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Mr. and Mrs. Bun, A Peruvian Delight

This is Mr. and Mrs. Bun in short: Close your eyes & point to anywhere on the menu. Guess what? Whatever you choose will be an excellent choice.

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Odaly’s Delight Cafe – Westchester, Florida

Odaly’s Delight Cafe is what I would classify as a hidden gem. In the back corner of a strip mall in Westchester, you will find Odaly’s. Its hours (Monday through Friday from 7 AM- 4 PM) exist only as a necessity due to its almost secret spot. There are daily specials, catering, and cantinas (daily…

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Nevermind Awesome Bar & Eatery – Cape Coral, Florida

Now, I can’t lay claim to knowing about Nevermind Awesome Bar beforehand or that I’ve had them on my list to try out forever. I was lucky that @porkrind suggested I try them out. I spent a week in Ft. Myers on a family vacation. Then, I found myself driving to Cape Coral about half the time…

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Pincho Factory, In and Around All of the 305

It seems as if it was just yesterday that someone told me about a new burger spot opening up in Westchester, Florida called pincho something or other. The menu and food struck me, it was different from everything that was popular then. Plus, it had been a long while since Westchester had something new that…