Clancy's Potato Chips - Are They Any Good?

Clancy’s Nashville Hot Chicken & Cuban Sandwich Chips

We were out on our weekly sauce delivery route to markets when I remembered that Aldi had just launched a new Cuban Sandwich flavored potato chip. I was heading down US1 after a stop at Babe’s Meat & Counter when I spotted the sign for Aldi in the distance. After crossing all four lines, I made a sharp right into the strip mall. Don’t worry, I used my turning signal and did not cut anyone off, I promise. I pull up to the front and drop Marcela off with one mission, buy 3 bags of Clancy’s Cuban Sandwich potato chips. For my trouble, I got the ol’ you’re ridiculous eye-roll as she opened the door. After parking, where I could keep an eye on the door to the market, I continued on my social media food escapades. Well that was quick…not really What seemed like forever and was really probably …

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