Nevermind Awesome Bar & Eatery in Cape Coral

Now, I can’t lay claim to knowing about Nevermind Awesome Bar (927 E. Cape Coral Parkway East) beforehand or that I’ve had them on my list to try out forever. I was lucky that @porkrind suggested I try them out. I spent a week in Ft. Myers on a family vacation. Then, I found myself driving to Cape Coral about half the time to eat. Fred was with me, and we came mentally ready for whatever Nevermind Awesome Bar had to offer. The Unknown at Nevermind Bar We were seated at a high top, and I spent most of the meal thinking someone was staring at us, but it was just a picture of Kurt Cobain that was infatuated with me. The Chorizo Pate was all Fred as I’m not a pate kind of guy, but I did try it. Again, not my deal, but he loved it. We split the Volcano …

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Bubble Room Orange Crunch Cake

Bubble Room in Captiva for Orange Cake & Kitschiness

The Bubble Room (15001 Captiva Drive SW, Captiva) is a fascinating yet kooky place with lots to look at. Jamie and Katie Farquharson founded the Bubble Room on May 27th, 1979. When it opened, the menu at the 1940s-inspired restaurant featured what the Fort Myers News-Press referred to as casual gourmet food. The original menu featured appetizers like gazpacho, liver pâté, and avocado filled with sour cream and caviar. There were only 6 entrees, including a filet mignon with Béarnaise sauce and a chicken breast wrapped in bacon with its own special sauce. None of the dishes on the current menu resemble what was available on opening day. There were 4 Bubble Rooms By 1985, there was a “Little Bubble Room” in North Carolina. The following year a third restaurant opened in Maitland, along with a fourth in Naples during the summer of 1990. There were plans to open more …

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