The largest Kewpee Hamburgers in Lima, Ohio

Three years ago, I finally found myself at the Kewpee Hamburgers location in Downtown Lima, Ohio. It was an out-of-body experience for me. It had been a long wait, but I was finally able to visit and eat at one of their restaurants. When the time to figure out where I’d be signing copies of my book All About the Burger, I knew that a stop at Kewpee in Lima was mandatory. I wouldn’t take no for an answer. Lucky for me, they said yes. I got to enjoy another one of those delectable Double Cheeseburgers (with onions, pickles & mustard) and one of their frosted malts. I also signed a bunch of books, hung out & talked about Kewpee history with Scott Shutt, VP of Kewpee Hamburgers, and was on a local TV station that covered the event. It was an awesome day if you ask me, and true to …

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Halo Burger Triple Cheeseburger

Halo Burger in Flint, Michigan

Learn more about the iconic Halo Burger in Flint, Michigan, which began as the Kewpee Hotel Hamburgs chain in 1923, later renamed to Bill Thomas’ Halo Burger.

Kewpee Landmark Building in Lima, Ohio

Old Fashioned Burgers from Kewpee Hamburgers in Downtown Lima

Kewpee Hamburgers is the 2nd oldest Burger Chain in the United States after White Castle. Founded in 1923, and there are currently 3 Kewpees in Lima, Ohio (pronounced “Lie-Ma”) and another couple (Lansing, Michigan & Racine, Wisconsin) owned by different folks. The particular KewPee (111 N Elizabeth) we stopped in at was in Downtown Lima and has been there since 1928. They serve burgers made from locally raised beef; in other words, just perfect. Long drive but it was worth it The drive was close to two hours but well worth it.; I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I walked in and just stood around, taking in the place. I had dreamed of one day eating here, and here I was, at last. It’s my turn, and without skipping a beat, I ask for a double w/cheese, chili, and a Coke. The guys’ orders include singles, fries, and pies. …

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