El Jefe Luchador Sign

El Jefe Luchador Hardcore Mexican Street Food

I’ve been a bad fan of El Jefe Luchador (27 S Federal Hwy, Deerfield) the last few years. Whenever I’m up in this neck of the woods, my first stop is at their sister restaurant Charm City Burger Company. If I’ve got any space left, I head over to El Jefe Luchador for a quick taco or two. This visit to Deerfield Bach was more of the same. I noticed some changes to the regular menu, the addition of a brunch menu for Saturdays & Sundays, along with a few order screens so you can skip the long lines. The one unforgivable menu change was their removal of the Mistico taco (barbacoa, mushrooms, Oaxaca cheese, mole negro, caramelized onion, and truffle crema). I’m not gonna lie to you; I got over it rather quickly. Why? The Birria Quesadilla with Consomé now has my heart locked away in its Mexican hardcore …

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Nacho Bizness at the 2013 Largest Parade of Food Truck in Miami

Nacho Bizness Tacos & Burritos Food Truck

Discover the flavorful world of Nacho Bizness tacos & burritos in South Florida! Get the original Yum Yum, Marley, and Rodeo tacos and extra goodies on Taco Tuesday. Get a great start to your day with the best tacos & burritos at Nacho Bizness!

Jacalito Taqueria Mexicana

Jacalito Taqueria Mexicana is Always a Solid Choice

Since Jacalito Taqueria Mexicana opened their first location right off 37th Avenue & Flagler in 2010, Marcela and I have been loyal fans. The founder was a co-owner of Mi Rinconcito Mexicano, another longtime favorite of ours. Over the last few years, we’ve found ourselves ordering delivery. Mostly on Saturdays so we can add on some of their killer tamales. I’ve visited their second location which is down the street for the Mexican Pizza with cochinita pibil. The newest location in Downtown Miami has chicken wings so it seems the menu is evolving a little bit. Luckily the core items we fell in love with like the guacamole, nachos, queso fundido, and cochinita pibil tacos are still available. On our most recent stop at the original restaurant, we had the birria tacos with comsommé. The birria tacos are almost double the price of the cochinita pibil. They were great but …

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