Slider King in Miami, Florida

SLIDER KING is Here At Last!

In 2012, Slider King popped up on my Twitter radar, but never launched.

Imagine my surprise when I got a follow from Slider King on Instagram last week.

Pastrami Sandwich from KUSH by Stephen'sin Hialeah, Florida

KUSH by Stephen’s in Hialeah, Florida

KUSH by Stephen’s en Hialeah has served hand-sliced pastrami sandwiches since 1954.

They’ve also got all of your deli favorites like latkes, matzoh ball soup & bagels with lox.

Here are the natural-cut french fries that came with the All-American Cheeseburger

Buffalo Wild Wings Smashed Burgers plus Q&A

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Butter Burger from the Wholesome Rollers Food Truck

Wholesome Rollers Food Truck

A few months ago, my bud asked if I had ever eaten a Butter Burger. 

My first thought was, how does he even know what a Butter Burger is?