The Vortex in Atlanta, Georgia

I had read about The Vortex Bar & Grill (438 Moreland Ave, Atlanta) and their *Double Coronary Burger in quite a few places online. What is the Double Coronary, you ask? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Outside of The Vortex in Atlanta, Georgia
Outside of The Vortex

By the time we arrive, the wait is well over an hour, but we decide to hang around. The Vortex has a 90s alternative vibe and a wide array of odd items, which is what I enjoy.

Inside The Vortex in Atlanta, Georgia
Inside The Vortex

We settle on three appetizers: buffalo wings, fried zucchini, and cheddar bites. I’ve never had zucchini before, so I tried it and decided I could live without it. However, my friends love them, so they can keep ’em.

The wings were good, with a nice zing but nothing you haven’t tasted elsewhere. Of the three, I liked the cheddar bites the best. The horseradish served with it was killer too.

Buffalo Wings from The Vortex in Atlanta, Georgia
Buffalo Wings
Fried Zucchini from The Vortex in Atlanta, Georgia
Fried Zucchini
Cheddar Bites from The Vortex in Atlanta, Georgia
Cheddar Bites

My bud John orders the classic cheeseburger with cheddar cheese and tater tots. He likes his burger but seems more impressed with the tater tots. They were just OK if you ask me.

Back to the Double Coronary Burger

I decided to split the Double Coronary Burger with Isaac. The Double Bypass Burger is a half-pound sirloin burger topped with two fried eggs, four slices of American cheese, five slices of bacon, and *two grilled cheese sandwiches replacing the buns.

It’s massive.

Double Coronary Burger from The Vortex in Atlanta, Georgia
Double Coronary Burger

We were seated right next to the bar, and everyone’s attention was on our table because of this giant burger. Unfortunately, the Vortex gets so packed that the customers standing by the bar are blocking the walkway to the tables.

It doesn’t phase our waiter, who’s pushing people out of his way every time he goes to our table. It was a rather amusing way to pass the time, plus I’m sure most of those people deserved it.

Getting back to the burger, I thought it was great, but Isaac wasn’t impressed. There is a slew of things I’d like to try on the Vortex menu eventually, but I guess that’s for the next time I’m in Atlanta, Georgia.

*This type of burger where two grilled cheese sandwiches replace the buns is known to some as a Fatty Melt.
**The Vortex later renamed the Double Coronary Burger to the Single Coronary Bypass.

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