Third Man Records in Nashville, Tennessee

Jack White’s Third Man Records Store

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You might be asking yourself, why would Burger Beast write about his visit to Third Man Records in Nashville?

My blog was created to cover the comfort food scene wherever my road trip travels would take me but since my teenage years, I’ve been a giant music lover.

As I got older, I listened to bands on independent record labels like Dischord, Estrus, Fat Possum, Lookout, Matador, Quarterstick, Sub Pop, Teenbeat, Touch and Go, & Up.

A couple of friends of mine and I launched a small vinyl imprint named Inkbox Records that would release one 45 aka seven-inch record, Appetite 4 Instructions by the band 32 Forty.

32 Forty was a punk band in the vein of the Descendents. Their home base was Hialeah, Florida.

I even filmed a handful of their shows on a handheld camera which are now in storage somewhere in the closet of my old bedroom at my parent’s house.

My attempt at being a record mogul in the mid-1990s didn’t work out but I have never lost my love for music or for those who are driven by their hearts first, money second.

32 Forty on Inkbox Records
32 Forty on Inkbox Records

Stopping at record shops [link] is one of my things whenever we’re out driving across the countryside.

So it should be of no surprise that on my two stops into Nashville, Third Man Records was a destination.

Jack White launched Third Man Records in 2001 to release the White Stripes’ discography on vinyl.


In 2009, the first Third Man Records store opened in Nashville. The Detroit location wouldn’t open for another six years.

I felt a real connection to the shop and of course, picked up a couple of records on both visits.

What I loved the most are all the machines in the Novelties Lounge.

If I could have carried that Mold-A-Rama machine on my back and snuck it out of there, I would have!

Photo Booth
Photo Booth
Record Your Voice Studio
Record Your Voice Studio
Listening Booth
Listening Booth
2nd Room
Back Room
Bimbo Box Monkey Band Jukebox Arcade Automaton & Vinyl Records for Sale
Bimbo Box Monkey Band Jukebox Arcade Automaton & Vinyl Records for Sale
Comfy Chair with Lamp
Comfy chair with lamp where I wanted to take a nap
Some old portable record players & White Stripes stuff
Some portable record players & White Stripes stuff
Mold-a-rama Machine
Mold-a-rama Machine
Phone Booth with Day of the Dead Marionettes
Phone Booth with Day of the Dead Marionettes


Here’s a great look inside of Third Man Records and what makes them so special.


On March 9, 2011, Jack White debuted the Third Man Rolling Record Store.

I had my fingers crossed that it would make its way to South Florida in 2011.

Back then, we were in the thick of things with the Miami Food Trucks.

I was hosting or curating about 15 food trucks events a month across South Florida.

I wrote them in the hopes they might make the trek but I never heard back.

This great short video about the Third Man Rolling Record Store is what got me all hyped up back then.

Two locations in two different states:

Third Man Records –
623 7th Ave S
Nashville, Tennessee


Third Man Records
441 W Canfield Street
Detroit, Michigan

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