Thrillist’s Best Burgers in America & Miami

Earlier this month, Thrillist released their Best Burgers in America. “The 47 American Burger Spots You Need to Try Right Now” is not filled with the usual suspects.

It gets kinda tiring to see the same names on all of these listicles. I’m not disputing whether some of these gems should be on the list but if I were a betting man, I’d be all in that folks are just out there looking at other best burger lists for inspiration.

They’ve compiled a great selection of burgers nationwide. Many of which have been on my radar for a bit, and some that I’ve never heard of before. Hopefully, after a little more investigating by me, they might make it into one of my future road trips!

I’m glad to see that my friend Billy’s NFA Burger from Dunwoody, Georgia made the cut along with legit classics like White Manna (Hackensack, New Jersey). However, I was frightened to find out which, if any, Florida spots had been selected.

Until I did.

Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill, with their chargrilled steakhouse-style heavy pub burgers represents my home state, and I’m quite happy about that. A family-owned and run restaurant that opened more than 10 years ago, Gilbert’s has a great homey vibe that can’t be fabricated.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the burgers are killer, and the food is great.

Miami’s got a Burger List?

USBS "2 Day" Double with Cheese Stamp from United States Burger Service at the Citadel Food Hall in Miami, Florida
USBS “2 Day” Double w/Cheese Stamp

Thrillist has a smaller version of their national burger rolodex, but this time featuring The 15 Best Burger Joints in Miami. It should probably say South Florida instead of Miami since there are two restaurants (Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill & Le Tub) from Broward.

Matt Meltzer, who fathered the list, did a great job. It’s not exactly the one I would have created, but it has great bones. Check out his suggestions below, and feel free to discuss them in the comments area.

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  1. Love the burger list! I’ve had them from a couple of these spots and I would definitely add Ted’s Burgers to the list


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