Burger Beast’s Top 25 Burgers list was created in December 2013. I later created one for National Burger Month in May 2017 and May 2018 (on the Miami Herald website).

Currently Posting the 2019 Top 25 Burgers in Miami list on the Burger Beast Instagram page and updating the list here as it happens daily.

I spend the entire year scouring Miami and beyond looking for the best burgers in town.

It was very difficult to create a list of twenty-five out of the hundreds but it needed to be done.

To be 100% clear, I have eaten every single burger on this list.

2019 – Top 25 Burgers in Miami List

(added here as new updates appear on the Burger Beast

Keg South Kendall’s Keg Burger

BURGER BEAST’s Top 25 🍔s: #25 Keg South

The original Keg South opened back in the early 1960s. There are Keg South locations in Homestead, Pinecrest, and West Kendall, all offering different menus and owned by different folks.

There is one constant on all the menus, the World Famous Keg Burger. An ice-cold beer served in a frosty mug with a chargrilled slab of meat in between two buns is hard to beat.

Then add cheese & bacon to complete the experience.

109 Burger Joint’s Americanized Cheeseburger

BURGER BEAST’s Top 25 🍔s: #24 109 Burger Joint

Located right off of 8th Street & 109th in a corner spot that once housed local favorite A&G Burger Joint, 109 Burger Joint had some big shoes to fill. Lucky for us, they were able to surpass its predecessor with its right on the money comfort food fare.

The burgers at 109 Burger Joint are chargrilled and are a nice size BUT if you ask to have your burger “Americanized” then you’ll have that same beef patty split in-two which means more smokey goodness in every bite.

Royal Castle Sliders

BURGER BEAST’s Top 25 🍔s: #23 Royal Castle

Opened in 1938 by William Singer, Royal Castle was the original Miami burger chain.

Jim Brimberry continued its legacy after the company bankrupted in the late 1970s. His grandson James now runs the last standing Royal Castle.

Yes, the sliders are awesome at Royal Castle and a must-order item but don’t sleep on the larger Feast Burger which is great too.

Tap 42 Short Rib Sliders

BURGER BEAST’s Top 25 🍔s: #22 Tap 42

Tap 42 first opened up shop in Ft. Lauderdale and now has a few locations across South Florida including Coral Gable, the one I frequent.

These Short Rib Mini Burgers feature their signature burger blend with braised short rib, cheddar cheese & a Dijonnaise that seals the deal. They taste even better than they look if you can believe that.

The Cafe 72 Cheeseburger

BURGER BEAST’s Top 25 🍔s: #21 The Cafe 72

The Cafe 72 is a ventanita (window) with late-night hours at a gas station on the corner of NW 72nd Ave & 36th Street. They do have a few stools along with 3 tables if you simply must eat there, most folks take the food to go.

There are a few burgers on the menu but I like to order a plain ol’ cheeseburger and then go old school with mayo & ketchup, sometimes mustard too.

Killer Melts American Gangster

BURGER BEAST’s Top 25 🍔s: #20 Killer Melts

I love Killer Melts. There I said it. Yes, it’s a grilled cheese spot but with “killer” burgers.

I could have easily told you that the burger on their menu named after me is the best burger they have, it’s not. The American Gangster features two 3 oz. burger patties topped with pickles, bacon, grilled onions, mayo, and American cheese.

4 out of 5 gangstas agree that this burger is awesome, the other fella sleeps with the fishes.

Hate Mondays Tavern Mondays Remedy Burger

BURGER BEAST’s Top 25 🍔s: #19 Hate Mondays Tavern

I generally steer clear of “gimmicky” burgers but I also happen to love everything about Hate Mondays Tavern.

Karl (owner of HMT) took a donut, glazed it with his signature seasoning and then sliced it in half. This is where it gets interesting…he flipped the buns so the glaze was on the inside. Game changer right? Yup.

*Winner of the 2018 Hamburger House Party People’s Choice Award

Clutch Burger’s The 305 Burger

Clutch Burger’s The 305 on a Brioche Bun

BURGER BEAST’s Top 25 🍔s: #18 Clutch Burger

The 305 from Clutch Burger uses tostones (fried plantains) as a replacement for their regular brioche bun. They didn’t popularize this type of “sandwich” but it seems to be one of the more popular burgers on their menu.

The patty is a mix of Wagyu beef and chorizo topped with Swiss cheese, pickled red onions, potato stix, and a creamy cilantro garlic aioli. Damn, that aioli is good.

I’m not a fan of toston burger buns so I get their regular brioche bun and guess what? It’s freaking excellent.

Cheeseburger Baby’s Bacon Cheeseburger

BURGER BEAST’s Top 25 🍔s: #17 Cheeseburger Baby

Cheeseburger Baby is a landmark restaurant in Miami Beach. It’s been open since 2001, way back before burger joints were sprouting up around town daily.

The 1/2 lb. cheeseburger with their ultra crispy bacon is a thing of beauty.

Whenever anyone (and that includes celebrities) is looking to grab a burger, Cheeseburger Baby is their go-to spot. I love this place.

Root & Bone Cheeseburger w/Pimento Cheese & Bacon

BURGER BEAST’s Top 25 🍔s: #16 Root & Bone

A little birdie told me that I needed to eat the burger from Root & Bone. I had seen some pictures and it did look great.

It wasn’t until I went online to check out the menu and saw that Pimento Cheese was an option for the burger that my mind went into overdrive.

Please gaze upon the burger from Root & Bone topped with Pimento Cheese & slabs of bacon…I know I know…I want one right now too.

Blue Collar Real Juicy Cheeseburger

Blue Collar Real Juicy Cheeseburger sans top bun, check out that melted American cheese

BURGER BEAST’s Top 25 🍔s: #15 Blue Collar

The original version of Blue Collar’s Real Juicy Cheeseburger had a pretty standard but tasty brioche bun. Chef Danny Serfer would later change the bun to its now burger-iconic Portuguese Muffin or P-Muff for short. It’s probably one of the first things you will notice when looking at it.

BUT in my humble burger opinion, you need to be focused on how perfectly melted that American cheese is and just how juicy that Real Juicy Cheeseburger really is.

Up until this point, I have not mentioned any of the side dishes available for the burgers in the Top 25 list. There’s a reason for that. No side dish can hold a candle or is even a better companion to its burger than the fresh-cut fries from Blue Collar. I repeat no one.

Chefs on the Run Chef La Burger

BURGER BEAST’s Top 25 🍔s: #14 Chefs on the Run

Let’s take a moment to take in the majesty of the Chef La Burger (Provolone cheese, grilled red onions, hot pastrami & creole mustard) from Chefs on the Run.

Now, that your mind is settled…when are you driving over there to eat one? It should be a crime if you’ve never had one. 

Actually, I have now officially deemed it a crime against burgers if you haven’t so get ta steppin’ or you’re going straight to Burger Beast jail.

*Winner of the 2017 Hamburger House Party People’s Choice Award

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