Trader Joe’s Mini Cheeseburgers

My sister Michelle raves about Trader Joe’s Mini Cheeseburgers. Well, she doesn’t eat them, but my three-year-old nephew does.

I don’t visit Trader Joe’s as often as I’d like to, yet one day, Michelle called to let me know she had bought me a box, but I would have to pick it up at her house. She lives by ZOO Miami, which is a trek, but one does what one must do.

Trader Joe's Mini Cheeseburgers Box
Trader Joe’s Mini Cheeseburgers Box

I instantly fell in love with the mini cheeseburger box and everything about it. Also, extra points to Trader Joe’s for calling them mini cheeseburgers and not using the sliders buzzword.

Remember, sliders are miniburgers, but miniburgers are not necessarily sliders. These are indeed mini cheeseburgers.

Trader Joe's Mini Cheeseburgers Open Box
Open Box

Once you lift the box lid, it reveals the tightly packed cheeseburgers inside a clear bag. After taking the bag out of the box and tearing open the packaging, it was game time.

Trader Joe's Bagged Mini Cheeseburgers

The cooking suggestion is to microwave them on a plate covered by a moist paper towel. I believe the only mistake I made was covering the entire plate and not wrapping each slider.

Covered and Steamed Trader Joe's Mini Cheeseburgers
Covered and Steamed

How were Trader Joe’s Mini Cheeseburgers?

Trader Joe’s deserves praise for using Hawaiian-style sweet mini rolls and a great-tasting cheddar cheese. That’s the first thing I thought after the first bite.

Hey, it’s a super tasty little three-to-four-bite mini cheeseburger that can be dressed up to be even better. Trader Joe’s website has a couple of suggestions on how to punch up these fellas with some of their other products, which is a smart move.

Each Mini Cheeseburger can also be customized with your favorite accoutrements, too: try topping one with caramelized onions and Aioli Garlic Mustard, another with a bit of Organic Coleslaw and your favorite TJ’s BBQ sauce, and the last with a spoonful of Crunchy Chili Onion and a slice of jalapeño.

Trader Joe’s website suggestion
Ready to Eat Trader Joe's Mini Cheeseburgers Box
Ready to Eat

I do take exception to the cole slaw idea; keep that crap away from burgers of any kind. However, the Aioli Garlic Mustard or Crunchy Chili Onion with jalapeños are both solid ideas.

I will be ready the next time I buy Trader Joe’s mini cheeseburgers. I will also try heating them in an air fryer since I slightly overcooked them in my microwave.

So, finally, are Trader Joe’s Mini Cheeseburgers as good as my sister claims? They are a top-tier afternoon snack. But don’t share. They taste even better when no one else is around. I should know, that’s what I did!

Here’s an idea I’m gonna throw out there. Who will be the first to make the White Castle Castlerole Recipe with these mini burgers instead?

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