VooDoo Dog in Tallahassee is CLOSED

On our first night in Tallahassee, we went straight to Voodoo Dog (805 S Macomb Street) after dropping off our bags at the Air BnB home. Last year I had wanted to stop here, but it was way too busy; it looks like the second time is the charm.

VooDoo Dog Menu in Tallahassee, Florida
VooDoo Dog Menu

Doing her best to be the anti-Burger Beast, Marcela chose an Atomic Veggie Dog (meatless dog with tomato, cucumber, onions, and jalapeños) with a mac and cheese side.

Atomic Veggie Dog from VooDoo Dog in Tallahassee, Florida
Atomic Veggie Dog

Me? A bacon-wrapped dog served on a fried egg, their chili cheese fries, and the VooDoo Burger (topped with Polish sausage).

We were lucky to hit a big-time winner on our first stop, their fountain Coke tasted horrible, but they’ll get a pass on that since Mexican Coke bottles were also available.

This is how I like my chili: bean-less, beefy, and full of life.

If I had to do it over again, I would have added chili to the Wake-N-Bake and, next level that guy, take him from good to great.

Wake-N-Bake from VooDoo Dog in Tallahassee, Florida
Chili Cheese Fries from VooDoo Dog in Tallahassee, Florida
Chili Cheese Fries
VooDoo Burger from VooDoo Dog in Tallahassee, Florida
VooDoo Burger

The VooDoo Burger cast a sausage-ey spell on me that I haven’t been able to shake.

For the non-believers, I took a couple of bites of the burger patty without the kielbasa, and it was worth it. This will be next time’s plan of attack.

Marcela was happy with her vegetarian choices. Me? I was thrilled with my meaty pleasures, so it was a win-win for Mr and la Señora Beast at VooDoo Dog in Tallahassee.

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