A Visit to Wendy’s Headquarters in Dublin, Ohio

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I can not tell a lie. I am a fan of Wendy’s, always have been, and always will be.

Never in a million years would I have believed I’d be in Ohio as a guest at Wendy’s Headquarters in Dublin, Ohio.

The Wendy’s Headquarters Visit

Wendy’s Headquarters in Dublin, Ohio

On a road trip to Ohio, I was with my friends, which found us staying in Columbus (Ohio), the same city where Wendy’s was founded. We had just visited White Castle HQ, and their VP Jamie Richardson mentioned he might be able to hook me up with the folks at Wendy’s, and he did.

Bry Roth (Brand Manager for Wendy’s) reached out to me, and the next thing I knew, we were invited to their Innovation Center inside Wendy’s Headquarters in Dublin, Ohio.

It was surreal to pull up to Wendy’s offices.

We were given a tour of where all the new ideas are worked at Wendy’s Innovation Center. There was an exciting dish that they were testing, but I promised I wouldn’t mention what it was.

Wendy's Headquarters Campus in Dublin, Ohio
Wendy’s Headquarters Campus
Wendy's HQ Crew in Dublin, Ohio
Marshall, Bry, Lori, Michael & Min

Then, our tour guides led us through the room where all the blind tasting takes place and finally to a kitchen replica of what you’ll find at every Wendy’s. All the while, our tour guides (Marshall Scarborough – Director of Culinary & Product Innovation, and Lori Estrada – VP of Culinary Menu Innovation) were comprehensive, friendly, and answered all of our questions.

Wendy's HQ Baconator Fries in Dublin, Ohio
Baconator Fries
Dave's Double with all the fixins
Dave’s Double with all the fixins

I did not take pictures inside the Innovation Center other than Dave’s Double, Baconator Fries, and everyone involved. I wasn’t sure if I could, and I didn’t want to push my luck.

Plus, sometimes it’s good to have some things left to the imagination.

Wendy’s Food Talk

Entrance to Wendy's Innovation Center in Dublin, Ohio
Wendy’s HQ Entrance in Dublin, Ohio

I can’t even describe how incredible Dave’s Double and Baconator Fries were. While we ate, we spoke about Wendy’s, the Burger Beast site, my Burger Museumand burgers in Miami, Florida.

Bry mentioned that the flagship Wendy’s location with a Dave Thomas (Wendy’s founder) statue and a bunch of memorabilia was just down the block. So we said our goodbyes and thank yous to everyone, then drove to the flagship store.

The restaurant was bustling with activity, and getting great pictures was challenging. I opted to use some of the pics supplied by Wendy’s to Google Maps below.

Dave Thomas Statue outside of the flagship Wendy's store
Dave Thomas Statue outside of the flagship Wendy’s store in Dublin, Ohio
Wendy's Flagship Store
*Wendy’s Flagship Store
Flagship Sign in Dublin, Ohio
*Flagship 1st Restaurant Sign
Inside of the Flagship location picture courtesy of Wendy's
*Inside the Flagship location
Wendy's Flagship Store Ephemera

*Wendy’s Flagship Store

And then we went through the drive-thru for some Frostys. It’s exactly what my grandfather would have done.

*pictures courtesy of Wendy’s

My Personal Wendy’s History

The first time I ever spotted a Wendy’s was across the street from Echevarria Printing (my grandfather’s print shop in Miami, Florida, Westchester, to be exact), and from the moment I ate there, I was hooked.

I clearly remember harassing (this is the correct word here) el Viejo (a Cuban Grandfather term of endearment) via rotary phone after getting home from elementary school. He needed to bring me a Wendy’s Single with only cheese, ketchup, and mayo.

It had worked a couple of times, but I knew he was ready to turn down my request. So I brought in a secret weapon, my little sister Michelle, and her love for Wendy’s Frosty.

Burger Beast as a kid with Wendy's
I was probably 7 or 8 years old, enjoying my Wendy’s on a Dukes of Hazzard tray with a Smurfs mug

If I had to guess, we probably got him to bring us Wendy’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 to 7 times over a few weeks. I don’t want you to think he was making any special trips out of his way to a different house.

My grandfather Gollo lived with us, which is why we probably didn’t see anything wrong with this. I’m not sure how he put up with us, but he was always the best.

Abuelo Gollo was also a big fan of the Frosty, so I’m not so sure there was that much arm-twisting going on.

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  1. I am writing this to let you know my feelings on Wendy’s hamburgers and their food I can’t express to you my disappointment at where your food is with the quality is atrocious if Dave Dave is probably rolling in his grave he always insisted on quality every time I go to your restaurant now I am very disappointed no matter where it’s at the food you show on TV on your commercials and what we actually get through the drive-through window is entirely different I ordered the son of bacon Nader the other day on In Fort Myers on Palm Beach Blvd. I got two wheel little teeny patties and one full strip of bacon split in half that’s not what your bacon Nader is all about I don’t eat there anymore because every time I go I’m very disappointed please I beg you improve your food go back to where you was the shit you were throwing through that drive-through is atrocious

  2. Hello my name is Rhonda Washington i live in Chicago i always visit the Wendy’s on 87th near state where my family and i enjoyed the buy one get the second one for a $1 i was on 70th in Western ave at that Wendy’s i was told they didn’t know about the advertised special nor was it posted on the menu board like it was at the other stores i was there at 9:30am on June 13th i’ll never go there again.

  3. if you are going to serve breakfast please stay open till eleven.sunday when we got out of church we taught we give you a try and got there a few minute before 10:30. The girl in front of me got her order in and when I gave in my order I was told breakfast was closed and the cashier that was taking the order was very rude.This was on tara blvd in jonesboro ga


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