Have You Tried White Castle Bites?

Have you found White Castle Bites out there? I’ve been looking, but they are nowhere to be found in South Florida.

White Castle Bites come in Hamburger and Cheeseburger varieties. The bites are a pizza crustish roll filled with beef, onions, and cheese.

Based on the images from the front of the package, I’m getting Checkers’ (Rally’s) apple bites vibes. And there’s nothing wrong with that cause those were 🔥 back in the 1990s.

White Castle Cheeseburger Castle Bites
White Castle Cheeseburger Castle Bites

The instructions for heating these are for either conventional or microwave ovens. No word on warming in an air fryer which is where I currently do most of my heating magic.

Apparently, Kroger delivery in South Florida (there are no physical Kroger markets down here) has the 40oz version of these beauties. Of course, there’s an 18-ouncer out there, but who wants that?

While writing this, I’m placing an order for one of each type. I’ll update you all once I try them.

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