Let’s Bring a Crave Pallet of White Castle Sliders to South Florida

Your first thought might be, is there such a thing as a White Castle Crave Pallet of sliders? Why yes, it has 6,920 original sliders, and it could be ours in South Florida.

The White Castle in Orlando recently opened, and on the menu along with the usual Sack (10 original sliders), Crave Clutch (20 original sliders), and Crave Case (30 original sliders) is a Crave Pallet for $6399. The previous $25,000 White Castle Crave Pallet for charity does seem a little out of reach for the regular joe.

Enter Evan Darnell and his Red Meat Lover’s Club, coordinating the purchase and meating at Smoke Inn Cigar Shop in Boynton Beach for the pickup. As of this writing, the delivery date is Saturday, July 24th, in the very late afternoon. They are currently waiting on confirmation.

In the meantime, you can reserve your 100 sliders for $125 plus fees which work out to $1.34 a slider. Only 68 of these hundy packs will be sold…24 are gone already.

Let’s band together to order the rest of the pallet and show White Castle why the next castle should be built in South Florida. I mean, it’s only been 54 years since we had a couple of them in Miami.

IMPORTANT INFO: I had a few folks ask, these sliders will be cooked & ready to eat not frozen.

You can guarantee your 100 White Castle original sliders via this link.


On Thursday, August 19th it finally happened!

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