White Castle Slider

1921 Slider is a return To Fresh Beef for White Castle

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White Castle’s 1921 Slider is a fresh beef burger available only at two locations in Columbus, Ohio, one in Chicago, Illinois, and another in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The name comes from the year that White Castle opened up operations, back when they would smash a ball of never frozen beef with freshly chopped onions.

The 1921 Slider is seasoned with Lawry’s seasoned salt before cooking and also features a different bun/roll that is much more in line with a squishy burger bun.

The standard version comes with Lettuce, Tomato & Onion, which is how my wife Marcela ate hers.

I went old school with Pickle, Mustard & Onion.

My round two was Double 1921 Slider with Cheese, Pickle, Mustard & Onion. It was perfect.


  • 1921 Slider with Lettuce & Tomato
  • 1921 Slider with Pickle, Mustard & Onion
  • Double Cheese 1921 Slider with Pickle, Mustard & Onion
  • Double Cheese 1921 Slider with Pickle, Mustard & Onion

The 1921 Slider is only available at these locations:

White Castle
9310 East Vía de Ventura
Scottsdale, Arizona
White Castle #13
965 N High St
Columbus, Ohio
White Castle #44
2106 N High St
Columbus, Ohio
White Castle #63
2140 S Wabash
Chicago, Illinois


White Castle in Downtown Columbus, Ohio
White Castle in Downtown Columbus, Ohio

I’m in total agreement with Time Magazine’s statement that White Castle is the most influential burger of all time.

When planning out my National Burger Month book signing road trip, I knew that White Castle had to be one of the stops.

Over the years, we have developed a friendship that started when I hosted their Cravemobile at one of my food truck events at Magic City Casino.

The following year I was invited to their headquarters by Jamie Richardson (White Castle VP) and was given a tour of the iconic building, which concluded with a late lunch at one of the Castle locations (read about that here).

It turns out that the book signing happened at that same castle location. The only difference is that the whole structure had been torn down and rebuilt since my last visit. It now has a time capsule buried below it.

Thank yous are in order to White Castle VP Jamie, Regional Director Theresa & Store Manager Shawn, for all of their hospitality.

  • All About The Book Signing Poster
  • Burger Beast with Jamie Richardson
  • Jamie, Burger Beast, Shawn and Theresa
  • Burger Beast with Jamie, Theresa and Shawn
  • Order Counter
  • Entry Way
  • Plaque for the Time Capsule
  • 1921 Slider Cooking Equipment
  • White Castle sign from Original Building
  • B&W Pictures
  • White Castle Merchandise
  • Cup with All About The Burger Book
  • White Castle Double Slider with Cheese, Pickle, Mustard & Onion
  • White Castle - Burger Beast Approved

If you’d like to read more about the White Castle restaurant chain, my book All About the Burger [link] covers their entire history.


I jumped at the opportunity to make a 1921 Slider from White Castle. It was a fun experience.

Thank you to Shawn for his patience and to Theresa for re-instating me after what has to go down as one of the quickest firings in White Castle company history.

  • Fresh balls of beef for the 1921 Sliders
  • Burger Beast doing work
  • White Castle’s 1921 Slider with Cheese, Pickle, Mustard & Onion made by Burger Beast
  • Who knew?
  • Burger Beast gets the pink slip from Store Manager Shawn
  • I plead my case to Director of Operations Theresa to keep my job
  • Theresa gives me a second shot, so we toast with 1921 Sliders!
  • I’m back to register duty.
  • Serving my first beer at the Castle.
  • I have a feeling that lousy pour is going to cost me my job permanently.
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  1. I was the first customer at the new Louisville KY location on Hurstbourne Lane near Taylorsville Road, both when it was opened as a brand new restaurant, and again when it was renovated and reopened!! Love the Sliders!!

  2. I have had the 1921 slider here in Scottsdale. It’s nice but not worth double the price of today’s version.

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