Who Remembers the Burger King Whopper Sacrifice?

One of my all-time favorite BK promotions was the Subservient Chicken, totally wacky, and right up my alley. As great as that was, whoever came up with Whopper Sacrifice in 2009 hit it out of the park.

Social media at the time was just really spreading to all ages groups. We were transitioning from MySpace to Facebook.

Since Facebook was relatively new, everyone was trying to amass their public list of friends. Someone in the Burger King company came up with an ingenious way to take this perceived important aspect of one’s life.

Whopper Sacrifice Ad
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What if you publicly unfriended 10 of your friends on Facebook? And what if Burger King gave you a Whopper for doing it?

What’s worse is your friends would be notified that they had been unfriended for a burger. It caused an uproar, people were pissed.

By the time Facebook shut down the promotion, more than 200,000 people had been unfriended and more than 23,000 Whopper had been handed out.

Whopper Sacrificed
233,906 friendships were sacrificed

I don’t remember who I unfriended but I did end up getting a Whopper. Sorry, not sorry to those who were sacrificed for a Whopper.

Whopper Sacrifice Video

Original Whopper Sacrifice Post on Burger Beast Blog

January 11th, 2009 – Are there a few friends who you added to your Facebook friends list and you wish you hadn’t? Well then, an ideal situation may have presented itself to you.

If you download the Whopper Sacrifice application, install it, and remove 10 friends, you will be receiving a coupon for a free Whopper. In addition, each friend will be notified via email as they are removed (their pic goes up in flames too).

Plus, the application charts your progress towards the free Whopper with the line, “Who will be the next to go?” So, where does your loyalty lie?

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