Woody’s Burgers Food Truck

Last night at the Wheelin’ Dealin’ Street Food Festival, Woody’s Burgers came out to Florida’s longest-running food truck event for the first time. I was extra excited since I’m on a wood-burning & char-grilled burger kick, and Woody’s covers both.

The 7-ounce patties from Woody’s Burgers are a chuck & brisket mix. The fries are fresh cut, and five dipping sauces are available (Red Eye, Wasabi, Smoked Habanero, Key Lime and Ginger, & Roast Garlic).

I was sure the Alpine Burger would be my first choice even before I arrived at the window. At this event, I get a little more food than usual to share with friends and family.

The burger special for the night was the Magic City Burger with a chorizo & beef patty; no arm twisting was necessary to order on this one. The order of fresh-cut fries with roast garlic dipping sauce rounded out the first order.

Yes, I said first, as in there was another one.

French Fries from Woody's Burgers Food Truck
French Fries from Woody’s Burgers Food Truck
Garlic Mayo Sauce from Woody's Burgers Food Truck
Garlic Mayo

Woody’s Alpine Burger

Alpine Burger from Woody's Burgers Food Truck
Alpine Burger (char-grilled w/smoked gouda, caramelized bacon & onion, mushroom, dijon, garlic mayo)

Let’s start by mentioning just how great the burger patty and the smoke flavor emanating from it were. Also, you can tell someone took some time to layer the flavors; the combinations work.

If I had to nitpick, I’d say a thinner patty would be better, but that’s just my preference.

Later on, we had about ten folks sitting at our table, and I went back and ordered a Boom AND a Coronary Burger along with their Buffalo-style Fries (topped with Frank’s Red Hot & gorgonzola cheese). Unfortunately, they were out of eggs (that’s the Miami crowd for you having eggs on everything), so my Coronary Burger was san huevos.

Both burgers were great, too, and my sister-in-law devoured those fries by herself. Next time I shall create a burger from the available options (condiments, extras, mayo, sauces & cheeses) and name him La Bonita, that Mrs. Beautiful to you……buster!

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