World of Coca-Cola & Georgia Aquarium

The idea of visiting the World of Coca-Cola (121 Baker St NW) was one of the starting points for our trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Right across the way from it is the Georgia Aquarium.

Our visit to the Georgia Aquarium was a little more than an afterthought. It was a lot of we’re here already, so let’s get the Atlanta CityPASS and save some money.

We love to eat, but we can’t exactly spend all day driving around, even though we kinda do that all the time.

World of Coke in Atlanta

I was Atlanta, or as I like to think of it, the hometown of Coke and the World of Coca-Cola. I am a gigantic Coke fan, not the fanatic who collects items but one who is obsessed with drinking it. You’d think this would be some Shangri-la to me, and part of it was.

The first room we entered after the holding area was full of Coke memorabilia. We stand through some tired old routine. Even worse, some junior high kids are screaming, Pepsi! as their favorite drink with their parents lovingly looking on with the I’m so proud of them faces.

Next, we walk into a theater where we watch The Happiness Factory, an animated film about what happens when you deposit a quarter into a Coke vending machine. It was awful, as in no redeeming qualities bad.

I Know, My Bad

The entire time my friend Isaac is whispering how much he hates me for forcing him to sit through this. Don’t worry, bud; I hate myself for it too.

The two best areas were the bottling area and the tasting area (attractions 7 and 11 for those of you following along on the booklet below).

The bottling was not all that big but gave you an idea of how the machines that bottle do their job

World Of Coke Booklet
World of Coke Booklet Cover
Booklet Level One
Booklet Level One
Booklet Level Two
Booklet Level Two
Coke Conveyor Belt Machine
#7 Bottle Works

At the end of the attraction was a quality control area for some reason. I’m not buying it.

Some of these exhibits are very reminiscent of ones previously located at World Of Coca-Cola in Las Vegas (that attraction is closed, but I believe the store there is still open).

The last area, Taste It!, allows you to sample over 60 different drinks that Coca-Cola sells throughout the world. I took a few pictures, including one of ol’ faithful, the original.

Coke Current Drinks Machine
Taste It! Current Drinks Machine
International Drinks
Taste It! International Drinks

If you’ve ever wondered what the worst possible soft drink is, look no further. It is available at the World Of Coca-Cola. Beverly from Italy has to be the worst drink ever created; I don’t see how anyone can like this. I think the video clip below sums it all up nicely.

Origins of the World of Coke Beverly Drink Video

The Origins of Beverly

If you’re in Atlanta, check out the World Of Coca-Cola, but even better, when you’re there, trick your friend into drinking Beverly by telling them how great it is. Trust me; it worked on me.

Georgia Aquarium

If I could use only one word to describe the Georgia Aquarium (225 Baker Street, NW), it would be breathtaking.

We walked in there thinking we could kill some time, but it really was incredible. Even if you only sat in front of the enormous tanks filled with fish, you would end up mesmerized much as I did.

It is an ideal spot to take your family, and I can’t heap enough praise on how well done and laid out it is.

Ocean Voyager
Ocean Voyager
Georgia Aquarium Tank
Main Tank
Georgia Aquarium Fish Tank
Fish Tank
Georgia Aquarium DIVE
Beluga Whales Sign
Beluga Whales Info Sign
Beluga Whales
Beluga Whales

Great Video about the Georgia Aquarium

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