Tis The Season For Crema de Vie

There's Egg Nog and then there's Crema de Vie.
Creme D'Vie - Los Bobos

Your friendly neighborhood Tony Bobo with a bottle of Creme de Vie

With the Holiday Season upon us it also means that holiday drinks are in full bloom. Most folks you know are probably picking up their Eggs Nogs at Publix or through the Farm Stores drive-thru but not me, I’m a Crema de Vie kinda guy. Crema de Vie or the Creme of Life is Cuban Egg Nog with Rum.

Many Latin American countries have their variation on this drink:

Bolivia: Socumbe
Brazil: Gemada
Chile: Cola de mono or Colemono
Colombia: Sabajón
Dominican Republic: Ponche Crema
Ecuador: Rompope
El Salvador: Rompope
Guatemala: Rompope
Mexico: Rompope
Nicaragua: Rompope
Puerto Rico: Coquito
Venezuela: Ponche Crema

We (as in my family not the entire Cuban community) get our Creme de Vie from Los Bobos in Doral where a one liter bottle will run you about $25.

There’s also a great recipe for Creme de Vie on the My Big Fat Cuban Family blog.

Make sure to enjoy with your family & close friends during the holidays.

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