Best Burgers to Enjoy in the Orlando Area

Mignonette Miami Spice

With Orlando only about four hours away from my home in Miami, it should be of no surprise that I explore their food scene multiple times a year. Normally, when I drop off my wife at an antique shop, I venture out looking for comfort food.

Most of the time, she never gets to try whatever I post on social media, like Mr. Quick, which was Royal Castle #74 back in the day. They’ve got a proper diner burger, but tough to add them to this list.

Another spot that deserves an honorable mention is Sloppy Taco Palace for its sliders. I’ve enjoyed them once but couldn’t in good conscience include them until a second or third try.

Please leave your favorite spot in the comments, especially if it’s a little know gem; those are my favorite kinda joints.

I also threw in a Gone but NOT Forgotten area at the bottom of some memorable burgers that Orlando had once upon a time.


Frita Cubana a Caballo from the A Lo Cubano Food Truck in Orlando, Florida
Frita Cubana a Caballo from A Lo Cubano Kitchen

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Double Cheeseburger from Beth's Burger Bar in Orlando, Florida
Double Cheeseburger from Beth’s Burger Bar

Beth’s Bar
9938 Universal Blvd #120
Orlando, FL
(407) 203-8100


Cheeseburger from Graffiti Junktion in Lake Mary, Florida
Cheeseburger from Graffiti Junktion

Graffiti Junktion
2400 S HWY 27
Clermont, FL
(352) 432-9331


Kappy's Subs Cheeseburger Half from Maitland, Florida
Cheeseburger Half from Kappy’s Subs

Kappy’s Subs
501 N Orlando Avenue
Maitland, FL
(407) 647-9099


6 oz. Bacon Cheeseburger from Mutt's on 13th St. in St. Cloud, Florida
6 oz. Bacon Cheeseburger from Mutt’s on 13th

Mutt’s on 13th
1517 13th Street
St Cloud, FL
(407) 891-1595


Blue Cheese Burger from Ravenous Pig in Winter Park, Florida
Blue Cheese Burger from Ravenous Pig

Ravenous Pig
565 W Fairbanks Avenue
Winter Park, FL
(407) 628-2333


Swine & Sons OK Onion Smash Burger
OK Onion Smash Burger from Swine & Sons

Swine & Sons
1280 N Orange Avenue
Winter Park, FL
(407) 636-7601


Teak Bacon Cheeseburger
Bacon Cheeseburger from Teak

Teak Neighborhood Grill
6400 Time Square Avenue
Orlando, FL
(407) 313-5111


That One Spot BB Burger
BB Burger from That One Spot Burgers

That One Spot Burgers
10968 W Colonial Drive
Ocoee, FL
(407) 877-7575

Gone but NOT Forgotten Best Burgers in Orlando

B&B Junction

B&B Junction won the 2015 Burger Beast Burgie Awards for Best Orlando Burger.

Batata Homemade Burger

Batata Homemade Burger in Orlando, Florida
Batata Homemade Burger

Oblivion Taproom

Bacon Cheeseburger from Oblivion Taproom in Orlando, Florida
Oblivion Taproom Burger

Treehouse Truck

Treehouse Truck's Luther Vandross Burger
Treehouse Truck’s Luther Vandross Burger

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