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Burger Beast, whose real name is Sef Gonzalez, is a well-known food blogger, writer, and influencer based in Miami, Florida. He gained popularity through his blog and social media presence, where he still shares his love for burgers and comfort food.

Sef Gonzalez started his food blog, “Burger Beast,” in 2008, focusing on reviewing and promoting local burger joints and comfort food establishments. His passion for burgers and exploring unique food offerings quickly attracted a following. He expanded his blog to include coverage of food trucks, pop-up events, and other food-related topics, becoming a prominent figure in the Miami food scene.

Through his blog and social media platforms, Sef Gonzalez actively engages with his followers, sharing his food discoveries, hosting giveaways, and promoting local businesses. His enthusiastic and genuine approach to food has made him a trusted source for food recommendations in Miami and beyond.

In addition to his online presence, Sef Gonzalez has also ventured into other food-related projects. He founded the “Burger Museum by Burger Beast,” a physical museum that was located in Miami that celebrates the history and culture of burgers and comfort food. The museum showcased a collection of burger-related memorabilia, including vintage menus, toys, and other items related to the burger industry.

Sef Gonzalez has also organized food events such as the “Hamburger House Party,” bringing together local burger vendors and enthusiasts for a day of food, music, and fun. These events have gained popularity and serve as a platform to showcase local culinary talents.

Overall, Burger Beast, also known as Sef Gonzalez, has established himself as a prominent figure in the Miami food scene, particularly when it comes to burgers and comfort food. His blog, social media presence, and food-related projects have made him a respected voice and influencer in the industry.

Burger Beast signing White Castle Vice President Jamie Richardson's Book
Burger Beast signing his book for White Castle Vice President Jamie Richardson


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