Boy Do I Miss Those Caserita Croquetas

When I was growing up in Westchester (aka the Cuban hub) there was always a couple of boxes of Caserita Croquetas in my family’s freezer. I went to Rockway Elementary School for my first 7 years of education and one of the sandwiches that my Mom packed for me at least once a week was Croquetas on White Bread with American Cheese & Mustard.

Whenever I opened up that lunchbox I was smacked in the face by that lovely fried Croqueta in confined quarters smell. I would always squish the sandwich so that the Croqueta innards would hang out slightly from the bread, those became the starters for the meal.

My love and obsession for Croquetas can be traced back to that orange Caserita box which was present all over my childhood. I thought Caserita was extinct until a recent visit to Publix.

I was perusing through the frozen Croquetas (La Fe, Goya, Sembrador & my current favorite Catalina) when much to my surprise there was a Caserita Croqueta Box. The familiar Caserita logo was on it but the box was much smaller than the standardized Croqueta box everyone uses (including Caserita back in the day). I bought it without a second thought of course.

Caserita Box

It’s been in my freezer for a few days now but I haven’t built up the courage to fry them and see what they taste like. I’m kinda afraid it will change my thoughts on something that I remember so fondly.

I’ve even considered frying them up the day after Croquetapalooza in place of opening up a bottle of wine to celebrate.


They may just sit there forever.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Maria Herrera


    Bumped into this post and immediately had croquet flashback moment. Exactly the way I remember it too. I too would ponder to open or not to open….I also have the same feeling for tamales.


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