Burger Beast has loved Croquetas since he was a little beast. When he would open his lunchbox at school, everyone was perplexed. They had never seen such a thing, but once he shared one of his Cuban meat stix, he became the most popular kid at the table.

His love for Croquetas has never waned, only grown by leaps and bounds. All Burger Beast ever wanted to do as a grown-up was to share this love with his familia, the people of Miami. So, he created Croquetapalooza and the rest is Croqueta history.

The Croquetapalooza celebrates everything that is special about living in the 305.

”Of all the food festivals that take place in this town (and there are plenty), this event tasted, felt and sounded the most Miami.” – edible South Florida

Croquetapalooza 2019

Dos Croquetas won the Croquetapalooza People’s Choice Award for 2019 with a Medianoche Croqueta

Masa Craft won the Croquetapalooza Judge’s Choice Award for 2019 with a Brisket Croqueta where they collaborated with Farmhouse BBQ.

Brandon “Croqueta King” Sasportas won the Islas Canarias Croqueta Eating Contest for 2019

Croquetapalooza Champs


  1. Will the photo booth pictures from the event be available online anywhere?