The Little Drug Company in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

My wife Marcela & I were looking for an antique shop when we all of a sudden came across this beauty. The Little Drug Co. has been in New Smyrna Beach, Fl, since 1922. Inside there is an old school pharmacy/sundries market along with The Fountain, an old fashioned soda fountain. I ❤️d everything about this place.

When we walked into the Little Drug Company, I was ecstatic. It looked exactly as I had imagined it would. I was dying to sit at one of the stools, but my legs were just a tad too long for that to be a comfortable option. Luckily, there were a couple of regular tables off to the side that we made our home base for our stay.

After careful consideration, we order a Grilled Cheese and a Patty Melt. Just as the waitress is walking away, I notice that there is an option to switch out the grilled cheese’s typical white bread with Texas Toast. I cry out with a sad voice as if I had just lost my puppy dog in the hopes of getting her attention before the cook goes to work. She heard me!!! Texas Toast Grilled Cheese is a go.

Both of the sandwiches come with a bag of chips, which we didn’t end up eating till a few days later on our drive home. We had just been to Pappas Drive-In, so anything other than the mains was out of the question, hence no fries today.

While we wait for our food, I walked around the store and picked up a tchotchke I didn’t need like a keychain, some candies and bubble gum. 

The Patty Melt on griddled rye was spot on. It was the definition of a perfectly executed patty melt. Kudos to them on that.

My last-minute idea to switch from the regular bread to Texas Toast on the grilled cheese sandwich worked against me.  It looked beautiful, but the cheese never achieved that perfect melt I was hoping for in my heart of hearts. Yes, it tasted good, but the cheese issue killed me emotionally.

I was about to ask for the check until I noticed there was a three spindle Hamilton Beach milkshake blender. According to Burger Beast’s Comfort Food Guide Book I am required to order a shake whenever one is at an establishment. 

The milkshakes are available in a smaller two-scoop version, but we opted into the larger three scoop chocolate milkshake. There is chocolate syrup drizzled along the inside of the glass for added flavor and visual effect. It worked on both counts. The two spoons pictures below were never used. The Chocolate Milkshake was the perfect way to end our visit at the Little Drug Company.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever find myself in New Smyrna Beach again but I’d like to believe that if I did the Little Drug Company would be the reason.

The Fountain
I didn’t ask
The Sundries shop with Pharmacy in the back
A little bit of their history
Little Drug Company, The Fountain Menu front
Little Drug Company, The Fountain Menu back
Patty Melt

Grilled Cheese on Texas Toast

3 scoop Chocolate Milkshake

The Little Drug Co
Facebook: Little Drug Company
412 Canal Street
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

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  1. Sadly, our town’s historic Little Drug Company is forced to permanently close on December 28, 2021 due to bankruptcy. For 99 years it was an iconic hometown favorite drugstore and malt shop restaurant for many generations in our little beach town. Sad to see it go.


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