Chicken Kitchen’s Mustard Curry Sauce Recipe

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If you love that mustard curry sauce from those grilled chopped chicken restaurants around Miami and South Florida, then this is the recipe for you.

This version from the original Chicken Kitchen was made daily at their restaurant in Pinecrest, Florida. A friend of mine used to make the sauce in small batches daily.

She would initially make me a batch from time to time. After a handful of times, she eventually caved in and gave me the recipe so I could make it myself.

Mustard Curry Sauce Recipe
Mustard Curry Sauce Recipe

Since its introduction more than twenty years ago, variations of this have spread like wildfire across restaurants, like Pollo Tropical and, my personal favorite, 3 Chefs and a Chicken.

The recipe itself has very few ingredients and should be easy for just about anyone to make.

PLEASE NOTE: It is highly addictive, so proceed with extreme caution when making the recipe.

Mustard Curry Sauce Recipe

Mustard Curry Sauce
Mustard Curry Sauce



Only 1 Step: Mix up all the ingredients in a bowl and stir it up real good as if your life depended on it.

*If you’d like to thin out the mustard curry sauce, add some more water.

What I Use:

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