All Penguin Point Restaurants in Indiana have Closed

Penguin Point, the northern Indiana restaurant chain, is closing down by Sunday, November 12. The announcement was made on their on their Facebook page.

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce all Penguin Point restaurant locations will be closing this weekend. Thank you for all your support and love throughout the 73 years we have been a part of your community. We will miss you!!

Penguin Point Facebook Page
Penguin Point Welcomes You
Penguin Point Welcomed You

Penguin Point History

Penguin Point's Order Counter
Order Counter

Since 1950, Penguin Point‘s been dishing out burgers, fries, chicken, shakes, and tenderloin sandwiches to the folks in northern Indiana. They’ve always focused on ensuring their customers get top-notch service and good grub without breaking the bank.

It’s pretty cool how Penguin Point started. Back in tha day, the Stouders (Wallace and Mary Stouder and his brother Lloyd and Heleta Stouder) set up a carhop drive-in joint during summers in 1950. Then, by 1961, these brothers officially formed the modern-day corporation. They opened the first restaurant in Wabash at the junction of State Road 13 and 15.

Penguin Point's Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
Penguin Point's Big Wally Burger
Penguin Point’s Big Wally Burger

Wallace E. Stouder Sr., the founder, created their signature pork tenderloin sandwich in the ’50s. The other well-known dish was the double-decker Big Wally sandwich. I tried both on my only visit to Penguin Point in 2019; I preferred the pork tenderloin over the burger.

Penguin Point's Crinkle Cut Fries
Crinkle Cut Fries
Penguin Point Cup
Penguin Point Cup
Penguin Point's Vision Statement
The Vision Statement

In addition to the restaurant, the brothers owned the Indiana Restaurant Equipment Corporation (bought in 1964) and Black Tie Catering, established in 1968.

In 2018, Penguin Point was purchased by UsAssets Inc.

Final Closing Thoughts

Penguin Point's Tray of Food
Tray of Food

Almost a year back, Penguin Point‘s parent company shut down seven locations outside Indiana. After that, only nine were left, and now the last six are gone too—sad times. The final nine were in Auburn, Columbia City, Elkhart, North Manchester, South Bend, Syracuse, Wabash, and two in Warsaw, Indiana.

It’s always sad to hear about a business closing after over seven decades. But I wouldn’t count them out since the website is still up. It’s a good sign, and hopefully, there’s a round two around the corner for Penguin Point.

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  1. The one in Fort Wayne had finally closed and was a shell of its former self. Like many restaurants, the quality has suffered. I loved that place as a kid.


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