Ted’s Luncheonette in Largo, Florida

In burger rumor circles, there is some wrong info swirling around about Ted’s Luncheonette (1201 Clearwater Largo Rd N, Largo). Pulp Fiction was not filmed here, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a connection to the iconic film.

In 1999, a scene for the MTV Movie Awards was shot at Ted’s Luncheonette with John Travolta and Samuel Jackson.

Now, let’s dive right into Ted’s.

Inside of Ted's Luncheonette
Inside of Ted’s Luncheonette

It was initially a doughnut and cup of joe spot named Coffee Break when the Stoupa family purchased it in 1979. The funny thing is there are no doughnuts on the menu anymore.

Ted’s Luncheonette is only a breakfast and lunch spot. Their regular operating hours are 6:30 AM till 2:30 PM.

I was cutting it close at almost 2 PM, which I don’t like to do. I’m an early bird, but I was coming for burgers, and as much as I love them, it’s not the first thing I want in my stomach in the morning.

I look over the burger section of the menu and choose the double cheeseburger when I don’t find a Patty Melt.

The Double Cheeseburger comes on a kaiser roll, my least favorite burger vessel. It tastes like the quintessential diner burger that I envision eating when I’m at a greasy spoon in the United States.

Regularly, the toppings on the burgers are lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, and mayo. I went old school with only onions and pickles. Then I added the magic classic burger elixir, yellow mustard.

Great burger.

The order of onion rings is a good size, and I drown these babies in ketchup, a new hobby of mine.

A Moment of Clarity

I wasn’t leaving without a slice of pie. While, unfortunately, the apple pie wasn’t baked in-house, it did do its job and accompanied my cup of coffee perfectly.

The only question left to answer is, when is my moment of clarity coming?

Yeah. I was just sitting here, drinking my coffee, eating my muffin, playin‘ the incident in my
head, when I had what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity.

Jules Winfield in Pulp Fiction
Go to 4:00 in the clip

Ted’s Luncheonette Menu

Ted's Luncheonette Menu Front
The Front
Ted's Luncheonette Menu
Menu Back

Ted’s Luncheonette Food

Onion Rings
Onion Rings
Open Face Double Cheeseburger
Open Face Double Cheeseburger
Ted's Luncheonette Double Cheeseburger
Double Cheeseburger
Apple Pie
Apple Pie

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