Sutter Home’s Build A Better Burger 20th Anniversary Winners

Sutter Home celebrated the 20th Anniversary of their Build a Better Burger event by having it take place in Miami Beach. One of the coolest things (other than the actual burgers) going on was the live Tweeting and posting of footage on Facebook as it happened. You could also follow everything that was going on through their blog. Most importantly, the winner of the Best Alternative Burger got $15,000 while the winner of the Best Beef Burger took home $100,000. While the weather was bad, it didn’t stop the show from going on.  As the contestants presented their burgers to the panel of celebrity judges, they were interrogated I mean quizzed about them. The banter between them was pretty entertaining. Meanwhile, the spectators of the event got to vote for the People’s Choice award for Best Beef and Best Alternative Burger.

So who won? Jaeger Stoltz won the $100,000 prize with his Strawberry BBQ Bacon Burger. Jeanette Nelson was the People’s Choice Winner (Beef) for her Sweet Chili Citrus Changsha Sliders with Sriracha Grapefruit Mayo and Ponzu Jicama Slaw. The Best Alternative Burger title (and 15 grand) went to Regina Haase with her Lucky Tiki Sliders. The People’s Choice Winner for Alternative Burger was Mark Pyne with his Cranberry Ultimate Pork Burgers with Garlic Cherry Mayonnaise, Smoked Ham, Bacon, and Gruyere Cheese. You can check out all the recipes at their page Build a Better Burger.

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