Burger King in Cozumel, Mexico

I was in Mexico walking to a cruise ship when I spotted a Burger King counter. Then I spotted a Cheesy Whopper on the menu and knew I had to stop.

While walking around Cozumel with my family, I came across this outdoor Burger King counter. Once I took a look at the menu and saw the “Cheesy Whopper,” I knew there was no way I was leaving empty-handed.

My father wants the jalapeño poppers. Poppers, wait, what else is there to try?

And so began my downward spiral into a massive order.

On the counter ad, the Alitas, aka chicken wings look roasted but are fried with hot sauce drizzled on top. They were your run of the mill wings with a not so special spicy sauce on them. BBQ sauce for the wings is also an option.


The jalapeño poppers came four to an order. Burger King in the U.S. carried these in late 2000 and I remember ordering them back then. They’re not too shabby, just like what you’d expect them to taste.

The Papas Fundidas, french fries topped with cheese sauce, bacon bits, and jalapeños. I didn’t care for it. I couldn’t place the taste of the cheese but what was worse were the bacon bits. They were just like, if not Bac-Os which I think are pretty gross.

The Cheesy Whopper is a Whopper topped with a breaded cheese patty. I ordered a single Whopper but I wonder if I had ordered the double would they have placed the cheese in-between them.


I asked for no lettuce or tomato, thinking it would come plain, but it came with mayo and ketchup. The Whopper didn’t have that much of that BK grill taste while it still retained somehow it’s Burger King taste. The cheese reminded me of the cheesy tots they were selling until recently. It’s an interesting concept. Why isn’t available in the U.S. yet?

And just when you think I couldn’t have possibly ordered anything else, I did.

The deep-fried apple pie is something that has not been on the BK menu in the U.S. since the 1980s. It looks just like the McDonald’s version which can still be found if you really look but the taste is different.

Burger King’s apple pie’s flavor is closer to that of a funnel cake and less of an actual apple pie.

Cheesy Whopper and some Family King Meal in Mexican Pesos

The Rest of the Menu Board

Cheesecake Bites, I decided against these

The Wings I couldn’t say no to

Alitas aka Chicken Wings

Jalapeño Poppers

Getting inside a Popper

Papas Fundidas

Cheesy Whopper

Cheesy Whopper Oozing its Insides

Deep-Fried Apple Pie

Apple Pie in All its Glory

It was cool to try some fast food in Cozumel but I regret driving by a McDonald’s earlier in the day and not stopping, who knows what I could have found?

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  1. Homer Jay


    I miss those jalapeno poppers so much here in the U.S.! Bring them back please!!!


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