Royal Castle still lives on at Ernesto’s Taco Shop

Most people who have frequented Ernesto’s Taco Shop in Cutler Bay are probably starving and looking to get their Mexi-Food fix. I drove down there because someone told me the terrazo flooring from the Royal Castle that was located there years ago was still intact.

Royal Castle was a chain of slider serving burger joints that was created in Ohio to capitalize on White Castle’s success. During the 1960′s it seemed as if there was one on every street corner in Miami and you can still point out former Royal Castle restaurants because of the shape of the stores. For example, La Palma on 8th Street is a former Royal Castle.

My sources were correct and indeed the terrazo flooring with the phrase, Royal Castle “fit for a king” was as in as good of condition as you can expect for something easily over 30 years old. I would suggest you be on the lookout for more of these because they’re not alone and if some reason you get a hankering to eat a real slider (not the mini burgers hyped as sliders) check out the last 2 open Royal Castle locations, Brimberry’s Royal Castle and Arnold’s Royal Castle.

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  • Mike Moskos

    There is another Royal Castle sign cut into the terrazzo floor in Liberty City (southwest corner of 62nd Street and 7th Avenue, Miami). But, hurry, the block is about to be torn down for an affordable housing complex in the next few weeks. Hopefully someone will have the good sense to save the terrazzo.

  • Burger Beast

    Awesome! Thanks for the info Mike!

  • Joe

    I always thought that La Palma was a former Burger King…

    • Burger Beast


      That makes 2 of you. Guess my sources were wrong.

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