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My fascination with the Miller’s Ale House started back in 1996 when a co-worker told me about the Pines Ale House. What I remember most about my first visit was their micro-brews (which were horrendous by the way and no longer served) and their spicy Chicken Strips aka Zingers which were not. I’ve never really come to the Doral Ale House with the intention of ordering a Burger but I have ordered it on occasion. Then a few years later I order it again and so on and so forth. I come here for the Beer deals, Marcela comes here for the drink deals and we both come here for the Zingers. Also, on their menu are the Chicken Nachos (Nachos covered in Chicken and melted Cheese with a side of Lettuce, Sour Cream, Jalapeños, and Salsa). These things are immense and it takes a good 4 people to put this down or 2 who are trying really hard.

Mount St. Helens Zingers
Mount St. Helens Zingers
BBQ Zingers
BBQ Zingers

The Zingers have branched out into their own menu and there are about 4 different sauces (Garlic, BBQ, Sweet & Sour, and Honey Mustard) and 4 different levels of heat to choose from. There are 11 Burgers on the menu if you count the Turkey Burger and the Ale House Mini Burgers. I’ve probably tried half of them. I can recall having the Hickory Burger (southern BBQ Sauce and Cheddar Cheese) once but it not really being really memorable which I guess is better than having a negative memory about it.

British Burger
British Burger

I had the British Burger (Swiss Cheese and Bacon) this time around and found myself again with a momentary lapse of memory. Just kidding. Look, I like some things at the Ale House but the Burger is standard stuff. It’s not horrible, not amazing, and just good enough and for some people, that’s ok. I know that the sandwich to eat at the Ale House happens to be The Big Red, a boneless fried Chicken Breast tossed in Hot Sauce and covered in Cheddar and Jack Cheeses. For those of you wimpier people out there, you can choose any of the Zinger sauces on The Big Red instead of the hot. I’m not sure if everyone knows that, the BBQ sauce is another good way to go.

Last but not least, leave space for Captain Jack’s Buried Treasure. It’s worth the overindulgence.

Miller’s Ale House
3271 NW 87th Ave Doral, FL 33172

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