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Burgers in Miami-Dade County | Comfort Food

Miami’s Pastelito Papi

Pastelito Papi is taking the pastelito to new levels never seen before.

Burgers in North Florida | Comfort Food

The Dairy Bar – Port Orange, Florida

While we were staying in Daytona Beach my wife Marcela and I would cross a bridge to the mainland. On our third to last day there, I noticed a little shack out of the corner of my eye with the words Dairy Bar in red. It was right before getting on the bridge. I looked…

Burgers in Broward County | Comfort Food

Skyline Chili – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

My first taste of Skyline Chili at their Sunrise location over ten years ago was not a good one. Back then, I had a preconceived notion of how chili and chili dogs should taste. Now, hundreds of chili dogs later, I see the error of my ways. Since then, I’ve enjoyed Skyline Chili as well…

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The Nook & Brewha Coffee House – Columbia City, Indiana

My wife Marcela and I find ourselves in the downtown part of Columbia City, Indiana. It’s by choice, of course, since I needed to have a couple of The Nook’s Coney Dogs. The Nook opened up shop way back in 1971. Well, granted 1971 ain’t that far back considering some of the stops I’ve made…

Burgers in Indiana | Comfort Food

Antiqology – Huntington, Indiana

I’m not exactly sure how we ended up at Antiqology. My wife Marcela and I were looking for antique shops while in Indiana, so I’m sure the addition of ice cream and bottled craft sodas to the equation helped its profile rise to the top of the pile. Antiqology is on the corner of one…

Burgers in Kentucky | Comfort Food

Gold Star Chili – Lexington, Kentucky

Gold Star Chili began its life as Hamburger Heaven (1965) in Cincinnati, Ohio. The brothers who purchased Hamburger Heaven. perfected their Cincinnati-style chili and renamed their business Gold Star Chili. I was a slow starter when it comes to chili. My family and friends know my Mom for making an incredible, slightly sweet chili with…