Order Your Publix Sub & Deli Meats & Cheeses Online Or Using Their App

Publix Sub - Ham, Turkey & Swiss Cheese
Ham, Turkey & Swiss Cheese Publix Sub

My parents are Publix people so when I was still lived with them I would get sent there to pick up some odds & ends for the house. I always dreaded looking at that list and seeing Ham, Cheese or anything from the Deli. I knew I’d be stuck in line behind some knucklehead who could not make up their mind about what they wanted or had to complain about the thickness of their 1/8 of a pound of the cheapest sliced Ham. I probably have wished every ailment known to man to whoever was ordering before me.

I am very happy to report that those days are behind me. You are now able to place not only your Deli Orders but also your Sub orders through the Publix website and app. If you haven’t yet, you need to get with the program. You choose what you want, set the time and when you arrive it’s ready. It’s really that simple.

Stop the dummkopfs of the world from driving you crazy: Use Publix’s website or download the Publix App.

Publix Sub - Chicken Tender
Chicken Tender Publix Sub

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