Cooking Burgers on a Blackstone Grill

Before you start reading, I just wanted to let you know that I will interchangeably use the terms Blackstone, griddle, grill, and flattop.

Whenever I’m not out eating road food, I’m busy attempting to master burgers on my Blackstone Griddle. So I’m usually an old-school chargrill guy.

It’s been a neverending battle to simplify the process, but I’ve found that the more prepared I am, the easier it is to cook. 99% of the time, I smash burgers on the flat top.

It should be no surprise if you follow me on Instagram and that smash burgers are my jam. And sometimes, if you get me on a good day, I might butter and toast my hamburger buns.

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times before, but you need a burger blend with good fat content, and 80-20 will do.

Things You Will Probably Need

Fig & Leaf's Blackstone Drip Pan Liners
Blackstone-compatible Rear Grease Cup Liners

**I’m listing a few things I use when smashing burgers on my Blackstone griddle.

  1. A Blackstone Griddle
  2. A Burger Smasher of some sort, Sasquash by Burger Iron makes the best meat presses. We use it when we’re out and about doing burger popups.
  3. A Seasoning Dredge, TableCraft makes a ten-ounce stainless steel dredge that we use for kosher salt.
  4. You can use a steaming dome if you want to get fancy or are impatient to melt your cheese. I don’t use one, but the 12-inch version by Blackstone is a popular choice.
  5. If cooking at night, something like the Yukon Grill Light. Try cooking at night without light; it’s a nightmare.
  6. A great scraper, I use the CCB-500 made by Cuisinart. It’s sturdy and on the larger side of scrapers, making it easier to grab tight.
  7. You don’t need these rear grease cup liners, but they make cleaning up at the end of your cooking adventure ten times easier.
  8. If you want to go next level, get an infrared thermometer gun.

Get This Meat Party Started Right

If you’re going for a smaller slider style, you should be looking at two ounces. My preferred burgers are double, with each patty weighing around 3 ounces.

You’ll want to make balls from the ground beef, but don’t mess around with it; roll them, and be done. I set my Blackstone on high.

The grill must be super hot. Once that baby is going, place a few beef balls on the grill.

If you’re cooking at night like I prefer to do and don’t have great lighting, then you should be using something like the Yukon Grill Light unless you like to have your friends and family hovering over you with their cell phones or a flashlight.

Smash that MEAT

Burger Beast on Blackstone
How I imagine myself when cooking burgers

Blackstone smashed burger kit is a good starter if you don’t have any accessories yet.
What’s important is that you use a heavy-duty meat press. Don’t have one? Use the smashing power of two weaker spatulas, like in the picture above.

That burger smasher is ideal for, you guessed it, smashing that ball into the hot flattop. It will make your life easier if you add a piece of parchment paper in between both first.

You don’t want to deal with that dreaded sticking situation that can happen with beef and shiny items.

Season and Melt Cheese on those Burgers

Smash Burgers cooking on a Blackstone Grill
Smash Burgers on a Blackstone griddle

You will need to season those flattened meat spheres. A mix of salt and pepper is excellent, another good one is seasoned salt.

I’ve always got whatever I use ready in a dredge to shake with some style. Steak seasoning also works well if you’ve never tried it before.

Once those burgers are almost ready, you will grab that spatula and flip them, babies, over. Give them about a minute, and place slices of cheese on them.

American cheese is the way to go with burgers for its unique melty qualities, but try Manchego if you want to get fancy.

Now is the time to break it out if you’ve got a steaming or a cheese-melting dome. Cover the smash burgers and maybe even drop some water around the perimeter to kick up steam and speed up the process.

All that’s left now is to assemble your sandwich. Don’t cut corners at the end; always use great bread.

For example, I use Martin’s Potato Rolls. Unfortunately, they’re unavailable everywhere, but you can grab some from Walmart.

Let’s Finish These Smash Burgers!

Tray of Burger Beast Burgers
Tray of Burger Beast Burgers

Don’t get lazy and forget to clean up after yourself. There’s no time like the present before everything hardens on the grill.

I like to use the Cuisinart scraper to remove all the tasty residue from my Blackstone. It’s not the first scraper I’ve purchased, but I prefer the grip on this one; plus, it has a splash guard.

Oh, one last thing: while I’m all for chargrilling, air fryers are not the best method to cool burgers.

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