Drive-In Restaurants U.S. Listing

In the 1950s, you couldn't go more than a mile without running into a drive-in. This directory lists all active drive-in restaurants in the U.S.


At a drive-in restaurant, you would park your car, and a member of their staff would come out to meet you at your vehicle, take your order, and then return with your food. Depending on the efficiency of the spot, you might have a quick meal or a drawn-out affair. Drive-ins rose to prominence as car culture took over America during the 1950s and 1960s; as folks got more comfortable using their cars for traveling from point A to point B, their “wheels” also started to become an extension of who they were.

Drive-ins are commonly associated with women skating around from hot rod to jalopy in the parking lot, but most, if not all, of the original carhops, were guys or “tray boys.” It wasn’t until after World War II that women replaced men after American males were called up to join the military. While it’s true that having a pretty girl serve you food increased sales, in the long run, it created problems with fellas loitering.

McDonald’s found a way to streamline foodservice and cut out the problems with drive-in service. Once that new system spread to restaurants nationwide, the popularity of drive-ins began to wane. But it was the even more popular drive-thru service that would deal a major blow to drive-ins.

I wasn’t around to experience the original drive-in. My first taste of it was watching Happy Days on TV. I dreamed of eating and hanging out at Arnold’s Drive-In which was featured on the program.

Believe it or not, there are actually a few hundred drive-ins still around where you can have your in-car eating experience.

To find a list of all active drive-in restaurants with carhops, please keep reading.

ALSO: Not included in this list is SONIC with well over 3000 locations. It will be easier if you search their website for your nearest restaurant.

IMPORTANT: Be aware that some locations may close for the winter season.

Drive-In Name Address City & State Web Address


Cardinal Drive-in 15240 Court St Moulton, Alabama Cardinal Drive-In of Moulton


C&J’s Drive-in
since 1983
2233 S Cushman Street Fairbanks, Alaska cjdrivein.com


Dog ‘n Suds
since 1967
319 East Kings Highway Paragould, Arkansas Dog n Suds Restaurant


Big A Root Beer Drive-in 810 E Main Street Grass Valley, California bigadrivein.com


A&W Drive-in 802 Mountain Avenue Berthoud, Colorado awrestaurants.com
JB’s Dog ‘n Suds 2501 8th Avenue Greeley, Colorado jbsdrivein.com


Burger Inn
since 1952
1819 N Harbor City Boulevard Melbourne, Florida burgerinn-hamburgerrestaurant.business.site
Dino’s Drive-in
since 1968
2929 Havendale Blvd NW Winter Haven, Florida dinosdrivein.com
John’s Drive-in
since 1986
17 N Charleston Avenue Fort Meade, Florida John’s Drive-In
Mike’s Drive-in
since 1969
1055 US Highway 17 S Bartow, Florida Mike’s Drive-In
Moonlight Drive-in
since 1964
1515 S Washington Avenue Titusville, Florida Moonlight Drive-in
Pappa’s Drive-in Family Restaurant
since 1970
1103 N. Dixie FWY New Smyrna Beach, Florida pappasdrivein.com
Tally-Ho Drive-in
since 1949
1449 Harrison Avenue Panama City, Florida tallyhopanamacity.com


Griffith’s Drive-in 1015 Memorial Drive Griffin, Georgia griffithsdrivein.com
Jerry’s Drive-in 676 Highway 114 Summerville, Georgia Jerry’s Drive-In
The Varsity 61 North Avenue Atlanta, Georgia thevarsity.com


Frostop Drive-in 26 US-20 Ashton, Idaho frostopdrivein.com
Scotty’s Drive-in 560 Northgate Mile Idaho Falls, Idaho Scotty’s Drive-In


Ace Drive-in
since 1949
1207 Plainfield Road Joliet, Illinois acedrivein.com
Charlie’s Drive-in
since 1950
762 Wood River Avenue Wood River, Illinois Charlie’s Drive-in
Cozy Dog Drive-in
since 1950
2935 S 6th Street Springfield, Illinois cozydogdrivein.com
Cranwill’s Drive-in
since 1969
1713 S 2nd Street #5409 Pekin, Illinois Cranwill’s Rootbeer Stand
Dewey’s Drive-in 620 E Richardson Street Farmer City, Illinois Dewey’s Drive-in
Dog ‘n Suds
since 1964
454 Center Street Grayslake, Illinois fkdstudio.net/dognsuds
Dog ‘n Suds
since 1967
517 Washington Street Ingleside, Illinois dognsudsdrivein.com
Dog ‘n Suds
since 1963
11015 U.S. 12 Richmond, Illinois richmonddognsuds.com
Dog ‘n Suds 902 East Main Street Robinson, Illinois Dog N Suds Drive-In
Jaenicke’s Root Beer Stand 390 E River Street Kankakee, Illinois Jaenicke’s Root Beer Stand
Jay’s Drive-in 107 W. Washington Street Oregon, Illinois jaysdrivein.com
Lou’s Drive-in
since 1952
4229 N Knoxville Avenue Peoria, Illinois Lou’s Drive-in
Riggen’s Frostop 314 N Pennsylvania Street Chrisman, Illinois  
The Rootbeer Stand 225 N Columbia Avenue Oglesby, Illinois The Rootbeer Stand
Sam’s Drive-in
since 1966
705 W Blackhawk Drive Byron, Illinois samsdrivein.com
Superdawg Drive-in
since 1948
6363 N Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, Illinois superdawg.com
Yesterday’s Drive-in
since 1957
709 Oak Street Carmi, Illinois Yesterday’s Drive-in


A&W Drive-in 1501 N Lincoln Street Greensburg, Indiana awrestaurants.com
B&K Drive-in 1201 E 9th Street Rochester, Indiana B&K Drive-In
Barker’s BK Root Beer 1100 E Markland Avenue Kokomo, Indiana Barker’s BK Root Beer
BK Root Beer 412 N Park Avenue Alexandria, Indiana  
BK Root Beer 928 E Main Street Gas City, Indiana  
BK Root Beer 1218 S Jefferson Street Huntington, Indiana  
BK Root Beer 1208 S Heaton Street Knox, Indiana  
BK Root Beer 1020 N Logan Street Mishawaka, Indiana  
BK Root Beer 511 Northwestern Avenue Monticello, Indiana  
BK Root Beer 1625 S. Wabash Street Wabash, Indiana  
Bowman’s BK Root Beer & BBQ 1917 W Memorial Drive Muncie, Indiana bkrootbeermuncie.com
Brenda & Kim’s B&K West 1101 W Market Street Logansport, Indiana Brenda & Kim’s B&K West
Bummies Drive-in 1263 S Main Street Bluffton, Indiana Bummies Drive-In
Burkie’s Drive-in 1515 W. Jackson Street Muncie, Indiana Burkie’s Drive-In
Carlson’s Drive-in
since 1947
118 W Coolspring Avenue Michigan City, Indiana carlsonsdrive-in.com
Dog ‘n Suds 6111 Lima Road Fort Wayne, Indiana dognsudsbrand.com
Dog ‘n Suds
since 1956
601 Sagamore Parkway South Lafayette, Indiana dognsuds.com
Dog ‘n Suds
since 2005
401 Sagamore Parkway West West Lafayette, Indiana dognsuds.com
Don’s Drive-in 506 N 7th Street Kentland, Indiana Don’s Drive-In
Don Hall’s Hollywood Drive-in 4416 Lima Road Fort Wayne, Indiana Don Hall’s Hollywood Drive-In
Edwards Drive-in 2126 S Sherman Drive Indianapolis, Indiana edwardsdrivein.com
Gene’s Root Beer 640 S Scatterfield Road Anderson, Indiana  
Hall’s Original
since 1946
1502 Bluffton Road Fort Wayne, Indiana Hall’s Original
Mason’s Root Beer Drive-in 1201 National Hwy E Washington, Indiana  
The Patio Drive-in
since 1954
234 US-421 Francesville, Indiana The Patio Drive-In
The Port Drive-in 419 N Calumet Road Chesterton, Indiana The Port Drive-In
Rupert’s B&K Root Beer 2105 N Davis Road Kokomo, Indiana Rupert’s B&K Root Beer
Selvios B-K Root Beer East 2320 E Market Street Logansport, Indiana Selvios B-K Root Beer East
Simonton Lake Drive-in 3724 Cassopolis Street Elkhart, Indiana Simonton Lake Drive-In
The Suds
since 1957
350 Market Plaza Greenwood, Indiana The Suds
Thompson B-K Root Beer 1401 Factory Avenue Marion, Indiana Thompson B-K Root Beer


A&W Drive-in 109 E 2nd Ave Indianola, Iowa awrestaurants.com
George The Chili King
since 1952
5722 Hickman Road Des Moines, Iowa georgethechiliking.com


Bobo’s Drive-in 2300 SW 10th Avenue Topeka, Kansas Bobos Drive-In
Vista Drive-in 1911 Tuttle Creek Boulevard Manhattan, Kansas vistadrivein.com


Dizzy Whizz

Bob’s Drive-in
since 1949
2429 Bridge Street Paducah, Kentucky neilscatering.com
Dizzy Whizz Drive-in
since 1947
217 St Catherine Street Louisville, Kentucky dizzywhizz.com
Parkette Drive-in
since 1951
1230 E New Circle Road Lexington, Kentucky theparkette.com


LaPlace Frostop
since 1958
411 E Airline Highway LaPlace, Louisiana laplacefrostop.com


Val’s Drive-in
since 1959
925 Sabattus Street Lewiston, Maine valsdrivein.com


A&W Drive-in
since 1956
4100 12 Mile Road Berkley, Michigan berkleyaw.com
A&W Drive-in 8220 Dexter Chelsea Road Dexter, Michigan awrestaurants.com
A&W Drive-in 470 South Street Ortonville, Michigan awrestaurants.com
Bellevue Drive-in 9787 Battle Creek Highway Bellevue, Michigan Bellevue Drive-In
Bill’s Hot Dog Stand 1292 E Michigan Avenue Ypsilanti, Michigan Bill’s Hot Dog Stand
Chick Inn Drive-in 501 Holmes Road Ypsilanti, Michigan Chick Inn Drive-In
Clyde’s Drive-in 906 US Highway 2 W Saint Ignace, Michigan Clyde’s Drive-In
Clyde’s Drive-in 1425 Riverside Drive Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan  
Daly Drive-in
since 1959
31500 Plymouth Road Livonia, Michigan  
Dog ‘n Suds 4454 Dowling Street Montague, Michigan dog-n-suds.com
Dog ‘n Suds 4221 Grand Haven Road Muskegon, Michigan dog-n-suds.com
Eddie’s Drive-in 36111 Jefferson Avenue Harrison Township, Michigan eddiesdrivein.com
Monroe’s Original Hot Dog 1111 W Front Street Monroe, Michigan Monroe’s Original Hot Dog
since 1950
2603 N East Street Lansing, Michigan  
Red’s Root Beer 813 S Kalamazoo Street Paw Paw, Michigan Red’s Root Beer!
Short’s Root Beer Stand 378 W. Chicago Drive Coldwater, Michigan  
The Root Beer Stand 4400 S. Westnedge Avenue Kalamazoo, Michigan The Root Beer Stand
Vince’s West Elm Drive-in 1305 W Elm Avenue Monroe, Michigan Vince’s West Elm Drive-In


A&W Drive-in
since 1956
730 N Broadway Avenue Spring Valley, Minnesota awesomeawdrivein.com
JJ’s Tasty Drive-in 804 S Kniss Avenue Luverne, Minnesota JJ’s Tasty Drive-In
Lakeview Drive Inn 610 Sarnia St E Winona, Minnesota lakeviewdriveinn.com


Bumpers Drive-in 30 locations across Mississippi   bumpersdrivein.com/locations
Johnnie’s Drive-in 908 E Main Street Tupelo, Mississippi  


Chuck-A-Burger Drive-in Restaurant 9025 Saint Charles Rock Road St. Louis, Missouri Chuck-A-Burger Drive-In Restaurant
Dog ‘n Suds 6748 Highway 67 Fredricktown, Missouri  
Dairy Princess Drive-in 117 W Broadway Street West Plains, Missouri Dairy Princess
HiBoy Burgers 3424 Blue Ridge Cut Off Independence, Missouri hiboyburgers.com
Mugs Up Drive-in 603 Orange Street Columbia, Missouri Mugs Up Drive-in
Mugs Up Drive-in 700 East 23rd Street Independence, Missouri mugsup.com


A&W Drive-in 209 Main Street Deer Lodge, Montana awesomeawdrivein.com
Ford’s Drive-in 1301 Central Ave W Great Falls, Montana  
Mark’s In and Out 801 W Park Street Livingston, Montana  
Matt’s Place Drive-in 2339 Placer Street Butte, Montana  
R-B Drive-in 932 Helena Avenue Helena, Montana R-B Drive-In


The Chatterbox Drive-in 1 State Route 15 Augusta, New Jersey chatterboxdrivein.com
Stewart’s Drive-in 4524 US Route 130 Burlington, New Jersey stewartsallamerican.com
Stewart’s Drive-in 449 Route 46 Dover, New Jersey stewartsallamerican.com
Stewart’s Drive-in 2551 State Route 27 Franklin Park, New Jersey stewartsallamerican.com
Stewart’s Drive-in 578 Highway 33 Hamilton Square, New Jersey stewartsallamerican.com
Stewart’s Drive-in 274 Route 36 Hazlet, New Jersey stewartsallamerican.com
Stewart’s Drive-in 2999 US Highway 9 Howell, New Jersey stewartsallamerican.com
Stewart’s Drive-in 235 US Highway 22 Lebanon, New Jersey stewartsallamerican.com
Stewart’s Drive-in 347 Main St. (Route 79) Matawan, New Jersey stewartsallamerican.com
Stewart’s Drive-in 63-69 Broadway Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey stewartsallamerican.com
Stewart’s Drive-in 347 Jaques Avenue Rahway, New Jersey stewartsallamerican.com
Stewart’s Drive-in 2551 Highway 27 Somerset, New Jersey stewartsallamerican.com
Stewart’s Drive-in 102 W. Main Street Tuckerton, New Jersey stewartsallamerican.com
Stewart’s Drive-in 5012 Route 33 / 34 Wall, New Jersey stewartsallamerican.com
Webers Drive-in 6019 Lexington Avenue Pennsauken, New Jersey  
Webers Drive-in 105 S White Horse Pike Stratford, New Jersey Weber’s Drive-In


Dog House Drive-in 1216 Central Ave NW Albuquerque, New Mexico  
Twin Cronnie Drive-in 709 Commerce Way Clovis, New Mexico Twin Cronnie Drive-In


Airport Drive-in 910 Ayersville Road Mayodan, North Carolina  
Bar-B-Q King
since 1959
2900 Wilkinson Boulevard Charlotte, North Carolina Bar-B-Q King
Dick’s Drive-in
since 1963
1004 West Washington Street Eden, North Carolina Dick’s Drive-in
El’s Drive-in
since 1959
3706 Arendell Street Morehead City, North Carolina elsdrivein.com
Naber’s Drive-in 1245 Main Street Bryson City, North Carolina  
Odell’s Sandwich Shop 1224 W Pine Street Mt. Airy, North Carolina Odells Sandwich Shop
Skid’s Drive-in 1610 N Church Street Burlington, North Carolina  
South 21 Drive-in
since 1955
3101 E Independence Boulevard Charlotte, North Carolina south21drivein.net


The Keg’s Drive-in 901 N 5TH Street Grand Forks, North Dakota The Keg’s Drive-In
Scotty’s Drive-in 210 N 21st Street Bismarck, North Dakota scottysdrivein.com


A&W Drive-in 924 E 5th Street Delphos, Ohio awrestaurants.com
A&W Drive-in 1124 W Main Street Kent, Ohio awrestaurants.com
A&W Drive-in 769 East Main Street Ravenna, Ohio awrestaurants.com
A&W Drive-in 35 W Avenue Tallmadge, Ohio awrestaurants.com
A&W Drive-in 800 E Elm Street Union City, Ohio awrestaurants.com
B&K Drive-in 725 E Wilbeth Road Akron, Ohio bkdrivein.com
B&K Drive-in 835 W Main Street Van Wert, Ohio B&K Drive-In
BK Rootbeer 2184 Manchester Road Akron, Ohio  
BK Rootbeer 737 Monroe Falls Avenue Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio BK Root Beer
BK Rootbeer 1407 South Street Piqua, Ohio BK Rootbeer Piqua, Ohio
BK Rootbeer 301 Riverside Drive Sydney, Ohio  
BK Rootbeer 2780 Stone Circle Drive Troy, Ohio  
Dinner Bell Drive-in 6340 Lake Avenue Elyria Ohio Dinner Bell Drive-In
Dog ‘n Suds
since 1958
2050 North Ridge Road Elyria, Ohio Dog-N-Suds Elyria OH
The Jug
since 1932
3610 Central Avenue Middletown, Ohio The Jug
Fundays, The Root Beer Stand
since 1999
1345 4th St NW New Philadelphia, Ohio Fundays, The Root Beer Stand
Root Beer Drive-in 766 Broad Street Wadsworth, Ohio  
The Rootbeer Stande 1727 Woodman Drive Dayton, Ohio rootbeerstande.com
Swensons Drive-in
since 1934
SkyWay Drive-in Restaurant 2781 W Market Street Fairlawn, Ohio skywayrestaurants.net
SkyWay Drive-in Restaurant 951 East Turkeyfoot Lake Road Green, Ohio skywayrestaurants.net
Stewart’s Drive-in 1036 N. Main Street Marion, Ohio Stewart’s Root Beer – Marion


Classic 50’S Drive-in 1521 W Lindsey Street Norman, Oklahoma restaurantwebx.com/Classic50s
Wayne’s Drive Inn
since 1950
7 SW Sheridan Road Lawton, Oklahoma waynesdriveinn.com
Wayne’s Drive Inn
since 2007
6810 NW Cache Road Lawton, Oklahoma waynesdriveinn.com


Dandy’s Drive-in
since 1968
1334 NE 3rd Street Bend, Oregon Dandy’s Drive-In


Jerry’s Curb Service
since 1947
1521 Riverside Drive Beaver, Pennsylvania Jerry’s Curb Service
Red Rabbit Drive-in 60 Benvenue Road Duncannon, Pennsylvania redrabbitdrivein.com


The Beacon Drive-in
since 1946
255 John B White Sr Boulevard Spartanburg, South Carolina beacondrivein.com
Cannon’s Drive-in
since 1971
409 Trade Street Greer, South Carolina Cannon’s Drive-In Restaurant
The Drive-in
since 1957
135 E Palmetto Street Florence, South Carolina thebestdrivein.com
Sno-Cap Drive-in
since 1964
618 West Avenue North Augusta, South Carolina snocapdrivein.com


A&W Drive-in 3989 Highway 411 Madisonville, Tennessee awrestaurants.com
Bumpers Drive-in 303 East Broad Street Smithville, Tennessee bumpersdrivein.com
Cardin’s Drive-in 8529 Asheville Highway Knoxville, Tennessee  
KN Root Beer 241 N Lindell Street Martin, Tennessee knrootbeer.com


Keller’s Drive-in 6537 Northwest Highway Dallas, Texas Keller’s Drive-In
KN Root Beer 3900 Olsen Boulevard Amarillo, Texas knrootbeer.com
KN Root Beer 514 E Broadway Street Cuero, Texas knrootbeer.com
KN Root Beer 1108 Cypress Street Graham, Texas knrootbeer.com


Larsen’s Frostop Drive-Inn 858 E St George Boulevard St. George, Utah frostop.com


A&W Drive-in 1557 RTE U.S. 7 Middlebury, Vermont awrestaurants.com


B&P Drive-in 905 Floyd Pike Hillsville, Virginia  
Chef’s Drive-in 1101 Main Street Altavista, Virginia  
Doumar’s Cones & Barbecue
since 1934
1919 Monticello Avenue Norfolk, Virginia doumars.com
Dude’s Drive-in 1505 Roanoke Street Christiansburg, Virginia  


since 1952
9820 Aurora Avenue N Issaquah, Washington burgermaster.biz
Burgermaster 18626 Bothell-Everett Highway Bothell, Washington  
Burgermaster 10606 NE Northup Way Bellevue, Washington  
Burgermaster 2030 Freeway Drive Mount Vernon, Washington  
Triple XXX Root Beer 98 NE Gilman Boulevard Issaquah, Washington triplexrootbeer.com


Frostop Drive-Inn 1449 Hal Greer Blvd Huntington, West Virginia frostop.com
King Tut Drive-in 301 N Eisenhower Drive Beckley, West Virginia kingtutdrivein.com
Midway West Drive-in 445 6th Ave W Huntington, West Virginia midwaydriveinwv.com
Sterling Drive-in 788 Stewart Street Welch, West Virginia Sterling Drive-In
Stewart’s Drive-in 2445 Fifth Avenue Huntington, West Virginia stewartsallamerican.com
Stewart’s Drive-in 1025 Oak Street Kenova, West Virginia stewartsallamerican.com


A&W Drive-in 3801 E Calumet St Appleton, Wisconsin aw-drivein.com
A&W Drive-in
since 1931
269 Winnebago Dr Fond du Lac, Wisconsin aw-drivein.com
A&W Drive-in 7885 U.S. Highway 2 Iron River, Wisconsin aw-drivein.com
A&W Drive-in 2187 W 9th Ave Oshkosh, Wisconsin aw-drivein.com
A&W Drive-in
since 1931
701 Belknap St Superior, Wisconsin aw-drivein.com
Annie’s Burger Town 645 N Lincoln St Elkhorn, Wisconsin anniesburgertown.com
Ardy’s & Ed’s Drive-in 2413 S Main St Oshkosh, Wisconsin ardyandeds.com
Big Star Drive-in 1500 Washington Rd Kenosha, Wisconsin bigstardrivein.com
Charlie’s Drive-in
since 1965
806 W Main St Hortonville, Wisconsin Charlie’s Drive-In
Dog ‘n Suds 1228 North 4th Street Tomahawk, Wisconsin Dog N Suds of Tomahawk, WI
Gus’s Drive-in 3131 Main St East Troy, Wisconsin gussdrivein.com
Kiltie Drive-in N48W36154 Wisconsin Ave Oconomowoc, Wisconsin kiltie-drive-in.business.site

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